My experience with textbroker (client side not author side)

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    Alright, so about 3 hours ago I dumped $160 into my text broker account via paypal. Smooth and fast, just how I like it.

    I then loaded up my keywords and titles and I am already receiving very high quality articles. 2 articles within first two hours. I am definitely in love here. I have not had to reject anything yet or even ask for revisions but even that process looks like it would be very easy and without any real confrontation as it's all point and click.

    Customer service was amazing too.. They actually called me to see if there was anything else I wanted to add to the description of the order.

    I also like the quality drop down box. It allows you to pick quality and pay for it accordingly.. Obviously I am not trying to take away from the writers here at bhw, but often time they get way too swamped to take new orders and we get left waiting in a huge line.
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