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My experience: The promotion and creation of sites in installments

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by Spysocks, Oct 25, 2016.

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    May 5, 2016
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    Today I will tell you an interesting and entertaining story from my practice.

    Many clients come to me and want a promotion of their sites for a percentage of sales. Usually at least 10 such customers come to me every week.

    In general, the business wants to pay only for a percentage of sales.

    And 1.5 years ago I began to think about to "stand on the side of business".

    And that's what I came up with - since promotion is worth a lot of money, then businesses simply do not have such money. Well, a good site is 5-10 thousand $. Website promotion is 7-12 thousand $ per year.

    So I began to offer to my all customers to make and promote websites in installments.

    For example, I divide the sum of 12 thousand dollars for 12 months. As a result, my client is paying for $ 1 thousand per month.


    I, in my turn, will try to make the site not for a year, but for 2-3 months.

    And many customers have been satisfied with my conditions. Well, of course – he gets a site in 2-3 months, and pays for it only after a year.

    Of course it is not difficult to understand that I must pay for all the work of the designer, coder, developer during these 2-3 months. Ie money from the client I get throughout the year, and to pay for the work of developers should within 2-3 months.

    I met with the directors, everyone was happy with my conditions.

    In just one year I made 18 sites on this system. All sites have been handed over to customers.

    Now the main thing: Of those 18 customers paid in full ... only two clients.

    And in other cases, events unfolded like this: as soon as I hand over the site, so payment completely ceases. Contract has been concluded with each client, but no one pays after it.


    But the whole point of this story is that I tried to put myself in the client's place and tried to understand him.

    It turns out that if you begin to understand the client, he just sees sacrifice in you and want to cheat.

    Later, one man explained to me: You know, you are like a "doctor". And customers are your patients coming to you with their sores. These patients come to you because they have something that hurts. But as soon as you are "healed their pain", then they don`t need you longer. Similarly with your installments. Once they have received website from your, it means they don`t need to pay you. After all, there is no “pain” anymore.

    That's the story. What is the lesson I drew from it all?! There can be no work with payment by installments. You want installment plan? - go to the bank, take the credit and return the entire amount even during 5 years. But this amount is returned to the bank.

    But not one client did not do that, since this amount will have to be given to the bank, and the bank can not be deceived.

    That's the whole story. Business Instalment is not something that he will pay for your services every month. No, no and one more time no. This is an occasion to cheat you.

    That's all.

    Do you want to get a site in installments? Go to the bank and take a credit.

    You do not want to take the credit, then you will not get a site.