My Email Got Hacked? Help Needed!


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Jun 6, 2008
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I keep receiving viagra email from myself (my domain) :|
The sender is me, the receiver is me.
How they do it and any idea how can I fix it?
Thanks for your urgent assist!
Check the headers of the email, it's probably not really you. That's just is a trick to increase the open rates.
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Okay... I guess the fake the header.
But is there anything we can do about it?
For example if they happen to fake [email protected] and send spam mail to everyone, what Dell can do about it?
Not much, they have to track them down themselves, and send them a cease and desist letter. Than if they don't stop after that they can take them to court if they can find them.
Maybe you should just buy some Viagra... it's not your fault that your equipment is not working anymore.
Forging the from address in an email is trivial. Look at the last Received field in your the email header/message source. If you don't use that ip/domain, I wouldn't worry about it.
Ya, I made a filter to this.
But i'm wondering if there is a way to stop these rubbish.
Fxxk these players...

This is what i got from the spam mail.

Their "unsubscribe", "contact us", etc all link to a yahoo link.
Wondering if that a PPC link...
contact your hosting provider, those types of emails shouldn't even make it pass the most basic of filters.
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