My Daily/Bi-Daily Blog List for your blasts

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    Jan 18, 2012
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    I have updated lists being sent to my mail by a service I pay for monthly. The problem is, my internet is not strong enough to handle the constant blasting. I don't SB blast that much.. on average, I use it for blog blasting once in every 3 days. So I'm looking for people who can do the blasts for me in exchange for my blog lists which are premium, updated, low OBL and have contains high PR.

    What You Get:

    comments.txt (lists of comments)
    emails.txt (lists of emails)
    websites.txt (to point at which will earn them a backlink)
    names.txt (keywords/anchor texts -- usually generic)

    What I Get:

    A report containing the successfully posted blogs.

    What You Benefit:

    • Saved time from scraping
    • You get to keep the blog list
    • You can use the blog list on your own sites/pages/blogs/links

    How Often Do I Send You The List? Once a day or once every 2 days.

    If anybody is interested, PM me. Thanks.