My client's previous SEO manager shotgunned it and got the website penalyzed

Discussion in 'White Hat SEO' started by TheLoneSynchro, Nov 10, 2016.

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    So, I just received a new client in which the previous SEO manager had shotgunned their website, with over 4,000 pages with duplicate content targeting different keywords using the URL and an auto-generated H1 tag with the keywords separated by a comma.. It's already ranked first and fell through the cracks and I'm talking to him about all the things we'll need to fix.

    Are there any special things I need to consider with contacting google etc to inform them that the website has been fixed, or will the rankings just repair itself with the Blackhat SEO removed and the Whitehat SEO and improved website/content added.

    Website currently has ZERO backlinks, Over 4,000 pages (not going into specifics), No citations, etc.
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    It was ranking first without any backlinks?

    Duplicate content issues are usually automatically detected and also resolved by Google when they next crawl. Of course they may not crawl as often if they've put you in a sandbox of sorts because of the duplicate content. However just wait it out and it should resolve. Alternatively building a few good links can expedite the indexing process.
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    Consider using another domain, if you've no backlinks...
    Fix all the issues on this site, then register the same with a country TLD, then once Google stopped penalizing the first domain, do a 301 redirect to not lose previous customers.