My clients are interessted in my services but they don't visit my website

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    I created a website in my country providing a service to buisneses , this service is giving them access to new markets oppurtonities locally

    I tried first cold emailing them and it was a huge fail, But when I tried cold calling I am getting good results
    A lot of the buisnesses that I call are intrested in what I offer and they are very polite and never intuerpt me

    This is my cold calling script which I want your opinion of it :

    I am [name] from [company name]
    We have a service that help buisnesses like your's
    Do you have a mintue so I can explain it to you ?

    After this they either say yes or they tell me to call them back (they are in a meeting or driving ... )

    When they say yes I start explaining my services and why I am better then my competitors ( I offer lower prices and more services )

    After this point they look very interessted in the phone and they give me their email to send them my offer, In that moment I offer them a 7 day trial account

    Now this is so far the easy part for me

    When I get their email I create an account and send them a text email (I don't track it) like this


    I created a 7 day trial account for you and I activated access for all our categories

    User: XXX
    Pass: XXX

    Please tell us your opinion of our services

    For the subscribtion fees they are

    XX$ for access to this and that

    And that's it, The problem is after this I am not getting a lot of visits

    Do you think that I should improve my account creating email ?
    I wrote this small text because a lot of people told me that I should tell them what is in it for them and I can't do it by the phone I try to be short so I don't lose their interest

    "Welcome with us
    You took the right choice by joining us, Now you can develop your business and beat your competitors and be always one step ahead of them
    The majority of our clients admitted that they got 60% more visibility to their markets and finding new opportunities they are also making more money since they started using our service
    Now that they you are using our wonderful service you can win more projects for your company
    We now how much it is important to be updated on every thing in your business and that can be exhausting and unefficient this is why we created this service for you so you will be aware of everything new the moment it happen

    Success is guaranteed and we are 100% confident that our service is the right for you

    Should I add it to the first email or send a follow up email with this content
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    It sounds like you're signing them up to a 'trial' for something they don't understand, or don't value.

    It's easy to get anyone to accept an email over the phone - but turning that's a long way from real clients. A portion of them will convert - you just need to find that number.
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    @Tony_d Thanks so you are saying if I called a 100 client and got 30 emails at the end I might up end up with only 1 convertion ?
    And what do you suggest that I should do to make them value my service and make more convertions ?
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    I do not know what country you are in or what service you provide but it seems to me that they are not really that interested in the service and simply agree to the 7 day trial. If you told them that you have a list of customers who wants they product and they are free to call them - how may do you think would actually sign up?

    NB having potential clients/customers who do not interupt you whilst cold calling - sounds like Utopia lol

    Anyway good luck
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    Set up a professionally written auto-responder series for your potential clients. Try having the emails delivered on different days of the week and also at different times. Follow up on the phone.
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    Try setting up meetings in person where you would sign them up and show them how to use your system. If they are really interested, this will increase your conversion rate (and the amount of effort and time on your part of course). But there is a chance they simply don't understand or need your product after all.

    I think your conversation with them is the key, you probably need to make it more of a conversation than a one-sided presentation on your part. Ask them questions all the time to keep them engaged and to check they understand you are are not just nodding along. You can end your conversation with a question like "How would you use our services?" and "Do you think this will help your business somehow?" and make sure to point out the benefits as clearly as possible.

    Add a case study about a local business that started using your services and this helped them make more money to your website or company blog and link to it in your initial e-mail with a nice clickbaity tittle.

    Track everything and do A/B tests.