My Cereal Hustle. Hustling is an art form! Hahaha!

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    My Cereal Hustle: How I Get The Large 20 Oz Box of Raisin Bran for

    Less than $1

    Bonjour cher! In the swamp, we're always looking for a bargain. This

    post doesn't have anything to do with cellphones but I thought it

    would help some of you out mon ami! If you like Kellogg's Raisin Bran

    (works on several others, too), read on. First of all, go to: . You'll see that Raisin Bran is 4 large boxes

    for $9 and some change. On the right hand side, if you click on the

    subscription, it will drop it down to less than $8/ for 4.

    Now, when you've accumulated 10 UPC codes from them, print out the

    following form: .

    Mail it in to Kelloggs and you'll get a $10 mastercard refund. That

    drops the price down per box to less than $1. Oh yeah! The shipping on

    Amazon is FREE also so that doesn't get tacked on. Enjoy cher! THE

    SWAMP WILL PROVIDE! :-D By the way, you might have 10 boxes of cereal

    already. Look around and see if you do. Au revoir!


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