My BWH Mission

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    Bhw mission, hm? Peculiar? Brilliant? ... Well we all have to start somewhere and I'm starting here in the introductory forums. I'm creating this thread with 2 good reasons.

    Reason 1#:
    With this thread I am commiting myself to becoming an active and highly contributing member of the community. (yes I do mean "highly", I really have a lot of useful stuff prepared for BHW members specially, hence the name BHW Mission - > My Commitment)

    Reason 2#:
    Preparing for doing business with many brilliant and creative fellow BH members and also providing a basic introduction of myself and how I like to do business.

    Chess (If you dare to challenge me and in the rare chance succed in winnig, you are free to ask of a favor covering my experiences or skills :D )

    My areas of expertise are Copywriting, Advertising and Marketing with various other skills in-between, ranging from basic web design to lip reading.

    JV's & Business Partners
    If you are ever to do business with me, then remember this 3 words: Interesting, Honest and Lucrative

    Ethics and Moral Values
    I have certain moral values and standard I abide by. I do not expect you to embrace the same beliefs and standards, you are free to do as you please, earn money by whatever way you see fit. Bear in mind that there are people here that actually care how they earn their money (and I am one of them), if you can respect that than we'll understand each other very well.

    The only way I'm happy to be paid is by honest cooperation (be it in JV), business sale that produces value for the client or any other way in terms of WIN-WIN.

    PS: I consider scamming and e-whoring to be the polar opposite of the Ethical.

    PPS: Lot's of earnings to you fellow reader and Good luck!

    PPPS: There's a lot more about me, but I'm here for the longterm so you'll surely get the chance to know me better :cool:

    With this I conclude and begin my BHW Mission ;)