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Feb 20, 2008
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Hello Wearers of the Black Hat:

OK, I just started a new business selling men and women authentic designer fragrances (i.e. Dolce and Gabbana, Gucci, Chanel, DKNY, etc.) to the public.

I created the site myself but the reality is...


Anyway, here's what I am looking for:

1) VISITORS. ekta74 already has that part covered with the great service so I will continue to do business with this person.

2) BACKLINKS. As of this post, I just ordered 5,000 verifiable backlinks from a BHW member but I forgot the person's I'll see how that service works out.

3) FACEBOOK. I need to buy 1 maybe 2 Facebook accounts with at least 1,000 friends so I can spread the word via this channel. So if you sell FB accounts, PM me.

4) ARTICLES. I would like to pay someone to write me articles relating to the fragrance niche. I do not want an article on "How to Make Perfume" for example. Just a few articles (maybe 10-20) of about 300-450 words each (gramatically correct, mind you) so I can put them on sites like eZine and Hubpages.

5) MININETS. I am going to do business with Candi here and test out this person's service.

My goal is twofold:

1) To be on the first page of Google (I don't have to necessarily be #1....just on the first page) for keywords like fragrances, perfumes, cologne, discount fragrance, designer perfume, to name a few.

2) To get traffic and sales to this site.

I also don't want to be banned from Google in any way.

I started this business with my blood, sweat and tears (lol) so I take it very seriously. All of the legal paperwork with the State of California is done to register it and all that other red tape bullshit they make us go through to start a biz.

So if you offer any of the services above and you feel you can help me (for a reasonable price), please PM me.

ONE LAST THING: I loooove this forum so I only want to do business with members of this forum so we can help each other out.


Hi there, congrats on your new business! Good to hear someone is finally taking action! :D One thing I would like to add is work on your on-page SEO first if you haven't and some people won't agree with me but 5k verifiable backlinks is a lot if your domain is new and this **might** get you sandboxed.
hey, hit me up, i can provide articles and backlinks..
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