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    Aug 24, 2013
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    Hello guys. I had 2 years old domain and started using last month(12/april/2016).
    Ive choose tech & money making & photography ideas niche.First i created a wordpress blog with sahifa theme. usually posting 5 posts via wpematico plugin and posting 10 post by myself totaly 15-20 posts daily.
    Ive created tumblr, linkedin, pinterest, facebook, youtube profiles of my blog .
    I use Social Network Auto Poster when articles posts auto posts also to linkedin tumblr, facebook,twiiter.
    Ive got 2 adsense adv. one is inside posts other is at the right panel and for now i got nearly 0.1euro per day which must be improved.

    The average visitor daily of site is 37.
    Most traffic comes from twitter then pinterest

    I work hard to make it better. My biggest problem is i need to go vps because sometimes site got slow. So when i reach my goal to get vps for my blog, ill dream bigger.
    Ill let you know about news. THanx for reading...
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    hows site going?