my bank account is under investigation money lundry was the word they used

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    so i had a few limited paypals about 4-5 in the past using my real name and they where all negativebut i used my bank account to witdraw my money before customers try to do fake charge back due to what am selling a digital product the always win recently i went to my bank to get a new debit card and the customer representative mistakenly discluse t me that my bank account is under investigation i was shocked and asked why he told me money lundring i didnt ask much i quickly left as i thought it was related to the previous paypal account but can paypal contact the bank and tell them my account is negative etc or what? am scared as i currently have another paypal account limited with about 3k in it paypal requested my phto id i send my liences then the requested passport i send a fake one then they requested statement i send then they requested proof of adress and in the email this time they specifically ask that the details on the proof of adress should have door number and my full adress are they trying t bust me or what ? is this normal? should i close my bank account ?
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    First of all if you have 5 paypal accounts you are probably doing something that you shouldnt. Second, if your credit card is confirmed in Paypal, there is a possibility that they contact your bank if they detect something that it is not normal. And third and probably most important, you are probably being scammed because there is a scammer or scammers that identify themselves as "[email protected]" where they tell you to send them a copy of your drivers license, a copy of your passport, a copy of your paypal credit/debit card and a copy of a recent utility bill in order to remove your paypal limit like you described so it smells like a scam to me.. Be careful m8 and infor yourself a bit more on Google.. I hope i helped a bit
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    Do you mean money laundering? Here's the definition of it in case you don't know what it is.
    I mean, you did say you were doing fake chargebacks using multiple Paypal accounts, so you can imagine that your activity had something to do with your account being under investigation.
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    First of all, you shouldn't have more than one PayPal account in your name. You said they were in the negatives, if they are large amounts, of course PayPal will be coming after you since you're practically swindling them by withdrawing the money before the chargeback happens, then move on to a new account. Paypal must have contacted your bank because of all of this, so that's probably it. Next time, when you sell digital products, tell people to send the money as"gift" in order to avoid "fake chargebacks".
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    Money laundering? Hahahahaha nice job OP xD

    Imma be fresh as hell when the Feds watchin' xD
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