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Oct 18, 2008
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Hello Everyone, I own a few dedicated servers, and I have been incubating many domains. I have recently been setting up autoblogs on these incubated domains. Traffic is coming in pretty well so far (one week and this blog is getting 100+ uniques a day), but I've been noticing my bouncerate is extremely high! And my advert clicks are rediculous, like 1%.

I look at the search queries that people are landing on the inner pages, and the articles they land on are highly relevant to what they are searching for but most people dont even stay for 5 seconds! I am not heavily advertising on the site either, just 1 adsense block above the fold.

This is my blog, your reviews and tips on what I can do to make it better would be appreciated! I am using caffeinated content, Wp-o-matic, UAW, Platinum SEO, All-in-one adsense plugin.

Why does it say "Computer Repair Tips" in the header and the first post is titled "Using These Tactics To Increase Website Traffic Today"?
it started off as a computer repair blog, but i just decided to cover a lot more topics.
advancedfuture, what do you want, people arriving and reading your content, or people arriving and leaving clicking the ads?

The way you have it, it's natural very few will click the ads. You need people to focus on the ads, not on the content, so you need to integrate better all the ads.
You could go two ways with your autoblog : Fix your design and specialise so people stay and read OR make a shitty design and adjust ads so people want to leave and may do so with ads.
well I was using Prosense Blue which is adsense galore basically and still wasnt really making hardly anything, no difference between click-rate with the adsense heavy design and this layout. I thought well maybe if i have a more attractive layout people will click the ads more.

My goal is ultimately to make money from adsense clicks, any ideas what I can do to optimize it for clicks?
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