My already completed journey to $5K+ per month with apps

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    This discussion is unlike other threads which starts before making the journey. I am already
    in the android app stores and successful at it.

    I was late to the party and still rue the fact that had I been there earlier, I would have
    made some really serious money. I am on the Google Play store since early 2013 and it
    has been an exhilarating roller coaster ride.

    I am a trained computer science graduate and learnt java in 2000 or may be 2001 as part of
    my college course. I stopped programming in Java some time in 2003.

    In 2012, I came across a blog (have lost the bookmarks and the link) where some one
    kept a running commentary about his venture in to the world of apps. That blog, acted as
    a catalyst and I seriously, started thinking about creating apps.

    Before that, I bought an Android phone and tablet in late 2010 and started tinkering with
    roms etc and was thinking about learning how to make Android apps, but never got around
    to it. In January 2011 I bought a really crappy book that put me off of Android development
    for two years (I do not recommend Head First into Android book, it sucks balls).

    Cut to 2013, I tried again, only this time, I started with brushing my Java skills, since
    the language has evolved quite a lot in the last 12 or so years. It took me about 2 weeks
    to get up to speed and 2 or 3 more weeks to get my teeth sharpened on Android development.

    By March 2013, I was ready and raring to go. I uploaded my first app, than one more, and than another.
    I did not marketing whatsoever and the apps were free with admob ads in them.

    The first day I earned $2.01, than $1.8 or something, than admob said, they don't like
    my app because it has girls with bikinis on them. According to the prudes at Google/Admob,
    babies are delivered by storks and daddy does nothing with mommy.

    Any way, I quickly found out that sex sells (surprise?) and there are many ad companies
    who are happy to put their ads on anything that runs on an Android phone. I signed up
    with Airpush, StartApp and few other companies. And started creating apps with risque videos
    from youtube and other adult themed apps.

    While I was busy in the d1ck raising journey to riches, I came across 2D game engines such as
    LibGDX and AndEngine and fell in love with the. It took me about 2 to 3 weeks and I released my first game.

    Now it has been 3 month and I was making any where from $300 to $800 per day
    with my apps. Yes, you read it right. One day I crossed $1000 per day and all my apps got
    banned in the evening. Google has started cleaning it's house.

    But I had already tasted blood and started again with increased fervor.
    They kept banning after a month or two and I kept making more. This continued till
    September 2013 but stretched to November 2013.

    Google changed the rules and it was no longer profitable making crash and burn adult apps.
    Since I diversified with non adult apps, I was able to bear the hit and was able to continue
    with severe cut in my earnings.

    I learned my lesson and am going strong again.
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    I don't understand why anyone hasn't asked you any questions, this post must have gotten buried somehow.
    A few questions:
    1)How are you making money nowadays through apps?
    2)Do you consider it difficult programming a game? How complex were the games you developed?
    3)What do you think is the most important aspect in developing a profitable app.

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    your gf's <3 ♥♥♥♥
    Home Page:
    Q: i am noob @java and other programming languages, Is there any appbuilder with witch i can make simple game app easily ? (i just want to test app market)

    He posted in journey section and this should be in making money section.
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    Andromo works well for basic app building, I pushed out some cookie cutter apps and was making $100-$200 a month for awhile, but after having multiple admob accounts banned and finally my google developer account banned I got sick of it and decided to move on to other options. Google has become a fascist regime when it comes to ANYTHING grey. I mean anything. Celebrity apps? Sexy apps? beautiful ladies wallpapers? everything got banned :suspicious:
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    1. I am making money the same way I was making earlier. I just changed my focus to high quality apps.

    2. Programming a game is quite different than programming a non game app. You way of thinking has to be different. I can not summarise
    it. Lets see, I developed runners with multiple world and multiple levels in each world, with power ups, damages, enemies etc. I have also developed racers, shooters, puzzle solving games.

    3. Most important aspect is to get the niche right. The app has to be easy to use and looks matter. Even a simple app with great
    interface will make bank.