My AI Blog - $50,000 Per month

I don't think OP will reply soon but I would still go with wordpress for easy integration with anything. Tho, it doesn't matter if you know your way around a different CMS and don't mind custom coding stuff. If your issue is speed/security go for the static route and add a backend CMS like strapi. Wordpress is still fine if you keep stuff to a minimum, use a lightweight theme like blocksy or greenshift and don't install unnecessary plugins like image compression or other stuff.
Thank you for this wonderful response. I will take what you say into consideration
Welcome to part 2 of my thread.

See Part 1:

After smashing my goal of $3k p/m in 6 weeks, it is time to embark on another journey.

Start of Thread: $8100 per month
Goal: 50,000$ USD a month (Adsense / Amazon + Blog Post sales.)
Method: AI Articles, highly keyword-focused. (Optimized with Grammarly) + News.
Technology Used: WordPress, Cloudflare Business, Wp-optimize (PRO), Lasso (For Amazon Affiliates), Rank Math SEO (Pro), Internal Link Juicer (Pro), SmashPro (For Images)
Theme: Astra Pro
Software Used: ZimmWriter, RankWizard (Here on BHW), and I will trial a few others throughout this journey.

Current Organic Traffic: 500k p/m+
Current Ranking Keywords: 135k+

ChatGPT4 + Zimmwriter + Auto News

Midjourney + Bing generated.

How Many Posts?
Currently, 868 posted, 2200+ in draft

How Do I get the keywords?
Semrush. 14-day Trails, rise and repeat.

I am doing similar with slight different. I do use aiwisemind and with gpt 4... i earn around 6k per month and i wonder why dont you use ahrefs as you earn decent money or buying semrush instead trying their triala. I mean its ok to use but after earn some decent money its nice to support the developers. Just my thought....spending few bucks month is ok if you getting ROI.
Hey, any updates? How are you doing with your website? Did you manage to create new ones as originally planned and avoid Google deindexation?
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