My AI Blog - $50,000 Per month

May we know what kind of issues and do you gave a theme to recommend?
bro I have been looking but not too much hope.... apparently most people are saying to reach A on Gmetrix is impossible with Astra theme and many people recommend redo all the template again. its complicated
Did you invest more than 500$ in your tools since your blog started accumulating more money?

Nice journey! I see you are expert in your field
- Then when our team puts the content on the site, they find the sources, Anchor it to the bottom resource list, and the bottom resource list links to the original source
Can you explain how to add resource and references if the content is created by chatgpt 4? so you need to mix chatgpt 4 content and sourced original content?
Hello @lukey372

Amazing Read. Thanks for sharing your journey here.

Can you kindly answer few of my queries:

1. Do you use PAA questions in your content (in faw or as separate subheadings)?
2. Oher than adding 2+ images do you present your content as it is or do you also use tables, blockquotes etc?
3. Is the comment section on your post enabled for visitors to comment?
4. Do you use tags taxonomy?
5. Do you think you can win the ongoing World cup?

Thanks for taking your time to answer me.
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