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    Aug 31, 2007
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    Wanted to get everything set up before I launched the coaching tomorrow.

    I set up an affiliate program at . . . 50% commission paid weekly via paypal.

    The front end is the book, which sold out as a WSO in 1 day during my market test (thanks mostly to you guys!), so I know it's commercially viable and it converted at about 40%.

    The back end will be an auto responder only training thing, which will be about 20% of what I'm teaching you guys from here, at a much higher price. I'm holding most of my crazy stuff back from the public on that and reserving it exclusively for BHW because I've gotten so much love here.

    So the pay structure is $20 for a front end sale, $50 for a back end sale, and I know for sure that the front end converts VERY well.

    I can't waste alot of time, but you guys have a 24 hour head start before I promote it if you want to make some money.