My adult webmaster store is relaunching - promote your products

Discussion in 'BlackHat Lounge' started by Affiliate Mgr Dave, Aug 12, 2011.

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    Heya guys - Long time member, rare poster :p

    I have run an adult webmaster forum for 10 years, some of you probably know it. I left the business for a couple years, but have not taken over it again. I have revamped it (still in the process), and on the forum we have a store that our users can redeem points for goods.

    If you have any kind of good or service that you would like to promote (Software, programming, website design, content, etc) I am happy to put you in our store. The cost to you is nothing other than when someone orders your product you would not charge them on that order. You can choose what you want to sell. In the past I had a lot of content providers in the store that sold 100.00 in content through our store, and gained many repeat/paying customers that way. The hope is that you would do the same of course (gain repeat business that is).

    PM me if you have anything you want to promote. Please point me to a few threads that show me that you are legitimate, the people that will order your products do not like scams :p.