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My ADHD has me flipping and flopping - going to make a proper start today!

Discussion in 'My Journey Discussions' started by CV888, Sep 22, 2015.

  1. CV888

    CV888 Registered Member

    Sep 2, 2015
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    South Australia
    Hi All,

    I keep having ideas, making an enthusiastic start only to soon after loose interest and look at something else. ADHD, procrastination or just plain laziness, you decide :)

    Note: I am a Newb with this sort of stuff but have a wealth of corporate business experience, I am now not working.

    I have quite a few registered domains. A couple of websites purchased from Flippa (mobile web site design services etc). And spent quite a bit of money (many thousands) on an online comparison business that is quite complex and needs a fair amount of work and time to get going. The seller misrepresented the business and has now disappeared, I had stars in my eyes.

    This is my plan for the coming week:

    1. Comparison Site. Learn the back end systems and make the needed changes, it is built on a hosted form building platform that is supposed to be easy for anyone to use, but it is still quite detailed. There is a lot of potential here and this site may be all I need, it is based on being paid referral fees from legal entities for getting them customers. It is very mainstream and may compete well with the big players. Ranking very well already (number 1 in Google for the keywords without paying for it to be there).

    2. I have some domains registered that are related to niches I am interested in. One is Motorcycles the other is Travel (and some others). I will search BHW for a guide (system) and even if I have to pay for a solution will attempt to getting sites up that look good and have decent SEO within one week.

    3. I have some adult themed domains, not sure with these though. I secured them because I reckon they will have some worth as they are quite good (I think anyway). Maybe video or chat affiliation. Will not commit to having anything concrete done with these within one week. Will continue to look around here and maybe on GFY. Suggestions welcome. It might be a bit late to try to break into the adult content industry, I think everyone believes there is easy money to be made, but it might all be stitched up now.

    4. I am interested in some of the BHW offers to get a complete site up and running. Will look at them and go with one by the end of the week. New Domain (or one of mine if it is suitable), a suggested Niche from the seller (or choose one that I am interested in) and follow their guide/s.

    I have not listed any of my sites or domains here as I fear it will breach the forum rules.

    Aiming to be earning $4000pm within 12 months.

    My main reason for this thread, and I reckon plenty of others have done the same, is to make a commitment to providing at least a weekly update on what I have been doing to reach the initial goal.

  2. manolo12399

    manolo12399 Senior Member

    Jan 3, 2009
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    do you know if there is some legal meds that help for this kind of stuff?