[MY $67,523.00+ SHARE] Complete Method 1-2-3

Brilliant method. I do however see one problem with the getting the professionals to write the articles idea. I have a quite a few dentists who are clients and for them to find the time to sit and write articles I really don't see that panning out too well. Other then that, this method is solid.

Well you have to take into consideration that people are greedy. I mean who honestly as a child says "When I grow up I wanna look at rotten teeth and smell bad breath all day"... and what child dreams of becoming a proctologist ? They are both in the same boat as far as I am concerned except one doesn't have to worry about teeth when they stick their fingers in there. But these professions pay well and is why people choose them.

Why would someone not take 45 minutes to bang out a 500 word article on a subject that they know inside and out in hopes that it would become a permanent advertisement on a well established website. It is cheaper than buying a weekly ad in the newspaper or a TV commercial. In fact it is pretty much a free ad and people love free shit.

Just fake a screenshot of the imaginary traffic you are getting to get them on board and as the OP said leave fake comments to feed their ego and get them to contribute more. Email them when someone (you) posts a comment on their article.

"John smith wrote: DR. X is is the best proctologist I have seen to date. His long slender fingers and winning personality made my visit almost enjoyable as well as less intrusive than any doctor I have seen previously. 2 thumbs up plus a well lubed, rubber glove clad forefinger as a salute to his professionalism!"

How the hell would he know that John wasn't actually one of his patients? With a comment like that why would he not contribute another article?.. Thats my line of thinking on that anyways.

@ OP... Great post that gets you +6 from me. You mentioned facebook traffic from your contributors page but I also imagine that you could get some laser targeted backlinks as well if they have their own website linking back to their article on your site. This really has potential.............. Thanks!
Thanks for taking the time to contribute! But.. ehrmm.. isn't this the same as the $10k month Online/Offline Hybrid 'Method' :rolleyes: (albeit in a lengthier opening post description)
This is pretty common sense to me no offense to all you guys. Been doing this for years and can say it is past the proof of concept stage. GL

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Fantastic you can use this method in almost every field, brilliant Im just a newbie to everything at the moment as I learn more and more shall try this one day , Its alot of effort and hard work slow progress but can build up
Thanks everyone for your replies. Those you think it does not work, keep thinking :p I'll make money while you are still thinking.

If you think $67K is unrealistic.... Again its what you think sitting on the sidelines, jump in and then you'll know. Its always easier to say stuff than do stuff.

Much Love,
Lovely share, mate.
I got an idea of a niche in which I see a lack of in my local area.

Would you mind if I PM you sometime with a couple of questions? (Not regarding the method itself).
I've using the same methods for a while with great success. This way with high quality and targeted content you are not wasting your money and time. Penguins may come and go but rankings remains always. Content is king :)
If you got it built up good enough you could even try and flip it to a company like 1800Dentist.
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