My 3k X accounts (or more), your knowledge and existing business.


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Dec 4, 2020
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I can run 2k-5k accounts on X (Twitter) customize them, do daily actions.

I want to get started in the finance/trading/crypto niche. But I am open to other businesses.
I think I can bring a certain amount of traffic to a landing page. Also clicks from the average Joe
But then what....?

- Trading Affiliate programms (I saw offers where you get paid for registration, even for a demo account, and more for deposits)
- Crypto Niche? I am new to this.
- Making Money niche
- Collecting emails, sell own secret, course, coaching...

I have to say that I already make 5 figures profit per month online.
I am only interested in experienced people, and we want to aim 10k monthly at least, better more.
(May it be a freebie, video course, coaching, affiliate stuff etc etc)

If you have a programm or knowledge lets work together.
I could probably bring 100-400 daily website clicks. Depends on the niche of course.

I am only interested in serious businessmen for a long partnership.
I am looking for long term business and very serious. My area is webcam since 2008 and everything related.

Do you think your traffic can be converted to new cam models or paid members? With several regs per day income will jump to your targeting amount.

I have stable working WL cam site.
We can try.
If it works, have specific (hiring, organic traffic) websites in the Industry to go wider.

Discord? or DM I am new here.
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