My $30 a day site just got deindexed by google, what should I do?

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by bilalownsu, Mar 26, 2011.

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    I just learning php and had an idea about creating a search results website that would scrape other search engine (how provide their api) and use the results as content for the website.

    Each results page would link to results pages of related terms (that were also scraped)

    The structure of my site was:
    which would link to

    where keyword2 and keyword3 are related to keyword1. After I got the script working I put it on my 4 year old domain name which had a descent number of backlinks to the home page. As google started to index the site I built more backlinks and the site was growing exponentially. I had over 10k pages indexed on google and was getting around 2k+ visitors a day for random keywords.

    With that much traffic I decided to put adsense on the website and and it immediately starting making me ~$30 a day. But after 3-4 days my website go completely deindexed by google.

    search on goggle for returns 0 results (before it was over 10k)

    Now, I was pretty sure this was going to stop after a while but didnt think it would happen all of a sudden.

    My question is that is there anything I could do to stay in the serps if I decide to do this over again on another domain name?

    Every page on my website had exactly the same layout. Every page on my site and exactly 10 ******** links to the sites in the returned serps. I had no images or vidoes on the site, only the title, description, and the link of the returned serp and the keyword used for the search. Would changing any of these make a difference on my next run?

    I know google dont want websites with 100% duplicate content, but there are many other sites doing exactly this, and with huge success. To name a few: (3,440,000 results) (4,630,000 results) (2,850,000 results)
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    I think honestly was the adsense you put on it that screwed you because they might have done a manual review and drew attention that your were possibly scraping their content or what not..