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Dec 18, 2007
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I been drinking so here it is.
Go to con* make you a toolbar. You can use this to get high pr backlinks.

Just submit it via robo* to a ton of sites using there free trial. you will have a thousands of backlinks in no time.
This will kick start a new website like no other.
thanks for the share will try it now.

what site do i use to promote it I cant find
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took little time and google hehe :)

Thnx for share lol this have been fine day found truck loads of good information tomorrow need figure out autoblog setup and set dozen of those :)
Hahaha, gimme4free seems to go around trying to find faults with other people's post but it seems he can never back up what he has to say odd...
Who the fuck is Neta?.........................................

me, I posted a question asking the link to robosoft and 3 people chimed in before I got the post I deleted the post
Yea, I must be a bit slow as well. Not sure what the whole idea behind the post is. What's the point of using the toolbar?
Well with toolbar you can have your " unique " and "own" software in matter of minutes. Ofcourse if you want you can start code your own program but is it worth it just for backlinks when you can get them with toolbar ?
i used conduit like 1 year ago, at that time it was buggy as hell, hopefully now it's better

for people who are wondering: the toolbar you make at conduit can be distributed (PAD file anyone?) at various download websites, thus increasing the backlinks to your site. Also, if real users install it, it can also help you get in contact with your users quite fast.

i think you can find more PAD submission by search "30 Minute Backlink", it's been discussed here several times. Some guy said it didn't work anymore, but I never got a chance to really check if that's true or not.
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