My 2 Cents For "Those" Special Newbies :)

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    Hello friends, ...
    ... and dear newbies who are unable to make 'it' still!

    Here are some simple steps to take to be on the Way To Riches (there are, of course, far better methods than these, but they are apt for those who really are more action-packed and motivated, full of energy, and who have magnetized themselves to some real success in life):

    Earning money online isn't that simple anymore. Having said this, I think the following could get you in the fast lane soon:

    Get your thinking focused! A scattered brain wave isn't helpful to any self. So get it focused. Making money is your aim, then make it it your definite OBJECTIVE and work smart. Take notes of first what you exactly are! That means -- take notes of what your plusses and minusses are. For example, if you can write well (or can Re-Write well), then that a big plus for you.

    But where is the reward? definitely, the first solution that comes to my mind is to go to sites like DP and find what is selling Hot there! I say DP because I have really found that you CAN sell in their BST if you're even half as smart as you think (you can't on smarter forums like "you-know-which"!) :D

    It will take anywhere from a day to a month to earn about $100... stick to earning (milking) there, but don't go buying all the unrequired stuff with your new-earned "millions" yet! Go to #2 below once you've tasted some success in making some $$$... believe me, it is a great feeling that you've some $$$ in the kitty!

    This is the easiest that you can do. May be, e-whoring and CL posting is STILL not manageable for you, but you (or someone dear) can definitely write or re-write and make money! For my case, I was able to do this and begin my career in earning online-$$$. It IS So Easy!

    Now you will be able to really "see" the goldmines here. When I say this, I know this is the right time for any brain to notice how it can use the real information and really use it -- it has been conditioned now to make money -- the step forward towards meeting your Objective. This is the truth -- the brain needs to be conditioned and the subconscious needs to be assured that it IS capable!

    Now, look around and expand your horizons further. Go through the information here and take more notes. This time, concentrate on those ideas that appeal to you. May be, now you'r ready to do CL posting, do e-whoring, getting to really know how keywords work within niches, how to create a link wheel, how to get targetted traffic, how to use the services like XRumer etc, how to really get the latest softwares, how to use them, etc, etc, etc... But be focused! Try only those things that really appeal to you AND those that you really feel confident about.

    Be prepared to use your $$$ earned from step #1 now.
    IMO, get into the VIP section or buy some services. Plan well & take focused action! There are real experts here, so ASK them and be prepared to really HIRE their services! Now is the time to spend your $$$

    For example, if you have a great website with products (affiliate or your own, doesn't matter) to sell, but are looking for traffic, start getting information about what you need to bring in traffic to your site. There are good members here who can help you for a small fees.

    If you need to blast your site to thousands of forums etc, then there are ways available to you here. It costs money for them to help you, so be prepared to pay their small fees.

    You get it?

    Get experts to advice you, but ask them politely first. A polite little PM would definitely help. But be prepared to pay for their time! Mention that and be really ready to do WHATEVER to have them work with you. Have a business-like friendly approach and you might win a friendship of an expert -- for life! How does this feel?

    An expert always welcomes someone who is making real efforts to come up in life. because, they are experts now having gone through the same route. So honor them and be prepared if you're required to pay for their services.

    Take real ACTION at every stage. If you find success then do it over again and again.. and still some more, again!

    Be willing to do the focused hard work, be willing to make friends, be willing to learn from them and others, be willing to really change yourself! Then be willing to help all others as much as you can! This is the hard fact -- Giving is as much important as getting!

    So in a capsule, Learn How To Earn!

    This site has huge potential to earn gold for you, but it is you who needs to shake up your whole self first! Being in forum doesn't mean that you have the birthright to get Spoon-fed On Demand! The ideas are already shared here, so get into discussions and keep its flow smooth --

    --- if you still are looking for bottle-feeding, then go to #1 and read again. There are literally hundreds of such threads for the newbies and you as newbies have something real precious that most experts here don't really have - FREE-TIME on hand! So use it wisely and be successful in life! God bless!

    DON'T Expect Free Lunches With A Free Dinner In Tow! There are absolutely none!

    If you're a really great human being and ARE helping others then others will come forward to help you in kind!

    But Are You One Great Human Being Yourself? (don't get angered for having pinched you, please:) )

    Check the person in the mirror and see if you are really liking what you see! Is that person a confident and lovable life-form
    HAVING a great attitude, and a real desire to grow? Or is he/she an arrogant, or dull, or dishonest, or one-of-the-crowd type, or having a shrunken almost invisible attitude, or desire-less, or having no motivation, or simply having a very low impact on not just everybody but on you too? Then take real fast action and change it first! Make that image lovable to you first!

    Take a hard look daily and see if you can really change that image for good!

    So, what does it really take to create success in life?


    Are you still here with me!!! What are doing here for so long? Go get those things working... what was the first step, btw? :)

    ~~ This thread is dedicated to a new friend who was always "Up There" helping all others on this forum! :)
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