My 1st IM journey with IM and twitter.

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    Hi everyone,

    First of all Thanks to Indianbill007 and poweruphosting for this awesome giveaway.

    I am starting this thread about my new affiliate journey, with multiple affiliates websites & twitter. I have been in affiliate promotion for over a year now, & have been using Facebook and Pinterest to promote my websites. Frankly speaking, I have had my ups and downs still trying to build a stable earning from my websites. So after months of reading and following journey threads here in this forum I have decided to go to twitter.

    So here is my strategy:

    • I already have 3 websites with different niche promoting affiliate products.
    • I am working on 3 new websites, with their content will add them in this journey soon.
    • To start I will go with 20 twitter accounts.
    • 10 private proxies.
    • My goal is to make at least $30 to $50 a day with this method using twitter from my existing websites.
    • I will be updating my journey here in this thread

    Please share your thoughts and wish me luck.
    Thank you & please keep following.
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