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My 163rd Post, Thank you BHW and Everyone Here!

Discussion in 'BlackHat Lounge' started by Leith, Jan 4, 2012.

  1. Leith

    Leith Jr. Executive VIP Jr. VIP

    Oct 30, 2011
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    Hey. Yeah.. I know, most people only do these kind of special posts at every 100, 1000 or 2000th post but I thought I'd be different. Not going to make a long post but I wanted to say thanks to BHW. I haven't been here long but I've shared pretty much the main bits I know to this wonderful community. Check out my posts if you want to see them. But yeah, thanks to this wonderful community, I am finally making some money online. Along with my main job which is nothing to do with IM.

    2008 - I saw BHW on Google. Did not have a clue on SERP or SEO or anything like that. Was just checking out some money making ways and I found this forum. Read a few posts. Was intrigued. Went and researched SEO and found out a lot about it. Decided to quit my main $XX,XXX job for IM. That was the first mistake. I did not have enough experience. I then got another job luckily. Phew.

    2009 - I read more on this forum. I joined another forum to sell. I never knew this forum had a SBT section. I made my own service, and I sold it on that forum. I was making a pretty good $X,XXX per month. I saw many success stories of people making more. Trying not to be greedy, I just kept on doing my services.

    2010 - Joined another forum to sell my services. Was making more now but still did not reach $XX,XXX a month yet.

    2011 - Joined another forum. Was not reaching just under the 5th digit in sales every month. Then I joined BHW. After 3-4 years, lol. Learnt many more methods and was now making $XX,XXX a month. I do a lot more than selling services and that was all thanks to BHW.

    So now I am making a pretty good income online and that is just part time. I have no intention at the moment of going full time but I just want to say that I was interested and I started making money online at the age of 15. It was a painful time as I had to learn a lot of things and techniques, but it has well been worth it.

    2012? I have a lot planned. I am thinking of releasing a product of mine into the SEO market and I believe it will live up to the expectations that Scrapebox, Bookmarkingdemon and many more received. And even more, it has taken me £X,XXX+ to develop. I am still thinking of whether I should sell it or use it myself and make the money back but on the whole, thanks to BHW, I learnt a lot of new ways of money making.

    At first, none of the methods worked for me. But one day, I spent a few hours on one method alone. It worked. You just need time and dedication and if you set your steps on making money, never expect it to be quick. It takes time but soon, you can make money doing a little bit of work every day. But to get to that phase, you need to work hard and be dedicated.

    There are bound to be a few people reading this thinking that they will never make any or as much money as they dreamed of. Well, stop. Because you can. Like I said, pick one method, dedicate a few days to it itself and it will pay of. If it don't, move on. You learn from your mistakes. I had many problems. I got my Paypal shut down and limited with over $XXXX. What did I do? Cry in the corner and call my mummy? No. Accept the mistake. I accepted that Paypal were a bunch of fucktards and I switched to 2checkout. Now I'm facing a lot less payment issues. Take your mistake, turn it around and do good with it. No point crying over a mistake. Learn from it!

    Had to quickly post this but the message is, don't give up. Money making is not easy. If it were, I'd be a billionaire. Just take it in slow steps. Read one thing, implement and rinse and repeat.
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  2. IamBlackhatter

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    Feb 26, 2011
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    Thanks BHW and Best wishes leith !