My 100th post! - Tips for questions to ask yourself.


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Sep 17, 2009
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Ok, so I know it's not much - but I figured that with my 100th post I may as well at least *try* to give something back to my fellow posters.

Problem being that I don't have any spectacular skills, kick-ass programs (that aren't already on this site), or anything like that.

All I can do is offer some advice in the form of questions you should be asking
yourself while you are going about your online business...

So before you scoff and say "hey, captain obvious - give me a list of things i DON'T know", I know it may not be much - but with our heads always filling with so many methods, plans and ideas - some of these things can be easily forgotten.

So here goes.

*Are the profits from doing ~~~~~ going to outweigh the costs? Will I be able to afford to follow this through?

*Is doing ~~~~~ going to be worth the effort? How many hours will I be putting in before pimp-ass style profit?!

*Will I be able to upscale ~~~~~? How will I do it, and will I need to outsource?

*Can I possibly write this adwords campaign/craiglist ad/sales pitch any better than I have? Are there words to get people hooked that I'm not using?

*Will this be easier/make more sense to get someone else to come in and help with a joint venture? If, so, will the profits be enough to divide?

*Am I burning out working too hard on ~~~~~? Do I need a day to relax - have a drink, hang out with mates, tap my girlfriends ass, just chill?!

*Have I looked at every available option to get traffic/get clicks/get sign ups? Are there methods that I haven't used yet that may help?

*Is ~~~~~ still making a reasonable profit? Is it getting too saturated? Is there a spin I can put on it to give it a fresh approach?

*Have I covered my tracks enough for doing ~~~~~ (something dodgy)? Have I got proxies/blanked the referrer/watered down the conversion ratio/altered different e-mail addresses?

*Is this the best paying and most reliable affiliate network? Is there a better converting or better paying network that I have missed?!

*Have I searched BHW for the answer I'm looking for, instead of just blindly asking how to get 10k UV to my new blog?!

*Is ~~~~~ a high maintenance project, or is it a set-and-forget passive income model? If it is a lot of work, will the profit be worth it?

*Have I checked on my older sites/ventures? Have I checked to see that they are still active, or if there are any issues that need to be sorted?

There you go. When I remember - and my memory is shot to shit so it ain't always - I try to think of these things when I'm working away on my internet stuff... not exactly 'take the world by storm' sort of knowledge but it's all relevant.


Hope you are all seeing donald-trump-before-he-sold-out sort of profit and everyones healthy and... stuff.
nice list.... people think too much of technicalities and too little of "why" things happen.

you might want to add another one:

"If I am making a lot of money out of ~~~~~~~ as an affiliate, is it time to swim upstream and start selling my own?"

I am surprised how many people would get stuck with trial offers instead of launching their own product.

To your success!
Nice list, I asking myself a couple of questions everyday
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