My 1 year old CPA Marketing Guide working still with tweaks

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    First is important to get accepted in Maxbounty because that the only network having some cool offers...

    Getting accepted in Maxbounty CPA Network
    This method works well for maxbounty It also works well with other cpa networks.
    Go to and click to register as a publisher.
    Fill the information.
    When you get to the section where it asks of your experience select you are a complete beginner.
    What is your experience? Be honest but for a complete beginner, "I have no experience but have
    attended series of training on SEO, PPC, PPV and mobile marketing.
    How do you promote? If i am approved, I plan to create a landing page to presell the offer. I will
    drive traffic using Bing Ad with a daily budget of $200USD and as soon as I have gathered
    enough experience will add PPV.
    As soon as you confirm your email, you will be sent an email with your affiliate manager contact
    and publisher i.d.
    Call your affiliate manager and be confident when answering question during interview.

    Offer Promotion Methods
    1. Facebook
    1. Select a CPA offer to promote
    2. Add yourself to 10+ work from home groups on Facebook (The more you are in,
    the more $$$$$ you make.) Join groups with 20k+ members
    3. Run traffic to your landing pages on autopilot or manually. Focus on catchy headlines
    and photo. For catchy photos, use money images, earnings screen shots and pictures of
    yourself holding cash. Examples of catchy ad texts are below. Be creative, add a twist,
    and shuffle ads.
    4. For Ninja Blaster autopilot poster, go here for a three day FREE trial then $9.95 per


    On Ninja Blaster, login is your Facebook id and password. Once logged, in all the groups
    joined will automatically populate. Select up to 30 groups delay time to 300 seconds, and then
    pause for 20 minutes after 25 posts. This will keep you safe from being restricted from

    Update for 2017 : 10 Post Recommended now

    Change your picture and ad text frequently; this will keep the Facebook spam bot from
    detecting your activity. Here are sample ad texts:
    Example One - ====> (Affiliate Link )
    Make $1,000 + Every Week

    Learn How I am Getting Paid Weekly
    Easy, Simple and Free
    Example Two - Free Method to Make Thousands
    Copy and Paste Method
    Paid Daily and Weekly
    Start Now ===> (Affiliate Link)

    Example Three - 100% FREE TO JOIN OPPORTUNITY
    Get Started Making $500+ Every Day
    See what I am Doing ===> (Affiliate Link)

    The Math: let’s say you join 10 groups each with 20k members, those are 200k potential leads.
    Post to the groups four time every hour. Pick a biz opp offer with lead conversion of $2. Out of
    200k potential leads, is very easy to make $100 a day using this method only. Scale up and you
    will make $350 a day. Scale up by making different Facebook account, post to more groups.
    The Facebook Poll Method

    Here is a poll method that can never be saturated.

    Here is a poll method that can never be saturated.
    1.Go to check followers of celebrities or sport stars or sport
    teams or sport stars.
    2.Create a poll landing page between two and set up a facebook ad with the character
    as your know and targetting depend on the offer and interest will be the fanpage.
    3. Below is a sample landing page but can do better with scripting e.g fake chat
    streaming, fake twitter streaming, fake facebook streaming.

    You can stream live events with polls on it at the same time and make a killing with it.
    The streaming method can be used with either American idol, American got talent, Oscar award,
    Grammy award, NFL, NBA, WWE, EURO2016, Boxing, Moto GP, Lawn Tennis, MBL,
    trending news e.g. say Usher caught shotting @ madison square watch the video now, U.S polls,
    Season films this also work with after now a lot of people are searching endlessly for empire
    season three, The 100 season three and look around you will get what season film they seek and
    the episode are getting out bit by bit.
    Call to action used at the description of the poll: To get entered into the giveaway, you must
    click in the description and register with our sponsor.” (Your CPA offer)
    The Math: More polls, more pages = more views, participants and more $$$$

    Update tool for 2017 : Massplanner, Followinglike

    3. Snapchat (High Competition)
    Snapchat is a big community so you can easily grow your snapchat and receive +200 friends
    request per day ! This cyou will use to promote dating offers and other adult content.
    1.For first you need an snapchat account (download the snapchat app on your phone and
    create one account ) if you already got an account don’t create a another one until if you
    want a fresh account.
    2.Go on this website: in " Snap me up ! " create
    your account.
    3. In the case “Show profile picture " use a really hot girl pictures. There is a website with
    some hot girls :
    4.After this , in your profile description post something like that : " I am so horny I
    want see some nudes man add me for hot snap "
    One of my account on this site (3140 profile views ) I got 3k friends request on snapchat.

    On your snapchat post a story picture and say " Verify me on findsnapchat to have some
    hot videos of me this night "
    This will help you to grow your profile on the site and got more & more friends
    request everyday.
    Some other site to grow your snapchat with just post your snapchat name on :

    Next is to promote your offer. Create a landing page for a dating offer, shorten the url
    using or other url shortner then post. You will get atleast 100 leads a day or more.
    Rinse and repeat the steps,create more accounts, get more views, followers and more $$$

    4. Instagram Method (Most Common one for 2017)

    1.Select a CPA offer to promote with high EPC. A giveaway offer is good but not the
    common iphone giveaways.
    2.Build an Instagram around that offer.
    *Focus on making a high quality page (High Quality Pictures HD)
    *Make sure each photo has 1000+ likes
    *Make sure your account has 1000+ followers

    Create a call to action
    *Create a fake giveaway on your page
    *Make it as professional as possible
    * “To get entered into the giveaway, you must click in the bio and register with our
    sponsor.” (Your CPA offer) ====== Call to action.

    How to get traffic: Instagram doesn't have a daily follow limit like Twitter does, but an hourly
    one so open Instagram whenever you get a chance during the day watching TV, waiting in line,
    etc. Just follow as many as you can until it stops you. Have a goal of following at least 500 users
    a day. Instagram's total follow limit is based off how many followers you have. So the more
    followers you have, the more you can follow.
    If you have cash to invest, you can buy Instagram mentions here: starting from $11.99 for 1,000 mentions.
    This will grow your profile faster and you will see the $$ trickling in faster.

    The Math: Create 1-5 accounts each of 3,000 followers and 1,000 mentions. That is 15,000++
    potential leads. Pick a $2 lead conversion offer. Easily cash in $200+ daily. Scale up. More
    accounts, more mentions = More $$$.

    Let me know you liked it or not

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    Great share :) my question is that can we use any other CPA network? if so. which one would you recommend? any network that is easier to join and have some good offers as well.
    thanks :)
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    I created a snap chat for a "girl" but as i try to add people when i refresh it says i havnt added them? Do you think theres a limit to how many people you can add a day?
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    where buy legit mention?
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    Good info nice share.
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    Great method, thanks for share.
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    Home Page:
    I see it as promotional post.
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    "Next is to promote your offer. Create a landing page for a dating offer".........
    May anyone guide me here?