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    Hello there fellow blackhatters

    Guess its time to make my first Good post. I've been on the forum for couple months now and havent really done to much with it except browse as ive been deployed and now im back home. Here you go tell me what you think. I know its a lil sneaky and wrong but hey it has been working for the past two years and it creates a passive income. I wrote this as i was going to try to sell it on bhw but was denied o well so i will share it it is a copy and paste from my txt.

    Its a secret not many know about where or how to get a website for free

    and sell it at a cost to a satisfied customer. These sites are intended

    for beginners and are intended for the entrepenuer in the adult

    industry (your customers).

    Ebay drives the customers to you with each listing it weeds out all

    potential passerbyers and puts the customers infront of you ready to


    The premade script i have here is for selling all of your website

    businesses you can change every aspect you want i will help you with

    graphics everytime you are selling a new website with a different look

    i will teach you until you fully understand the concept keep in mind

    that i will make sure that you are the only one with my listings and i

    myself will not sell anymore of these websites ever again you have all

    the rights to my listing content which sells itself and has sold time

    and time again i have made more than $30,000 from this business

    starting from about a year and a half ago. However like i said the

    market was once $800-1500 per website but has since dwindled to about

    $50.100 which isn't bad because your not going to be spending more

    than twenty minutes creating each website for each of your clients and

    its free for you, no hosting charges for your customers which is an

    obvious attraction in it self and they don't pay rediculous domain


    First easy steps to making money: After you get them Down you can list

    a sight in 10 Minutes or less and not have to worry about anything

    until you get paid *

    First Step: List the script on ebay ( like a normal listing )
    Title :Your choice (make up your own or use my generic Pay Per

    View adult cams website business)sells a lot
    SubTit:Your Choice (make up your own or use my generic Make a

    minimum of $130 per sale)
    Price : Starting bid has to always be $1 ( get more looks it

    will go up soon no worries)dont be tempted to put $200

    starting bid it will never sell believe me
    Days : 3-days you can do one day listings but I always use 3
    Time : After 5pm Your time
    Description: ( copy and paste all the html below into the

    description window of listing box description * key

    you must first click on html tab to the right just off

    the right corner of the description box then past

    content below and click back to normal non html tab to

    view your listing )

    I took the html out as dont want my ad on ebay Sorry have to make your own lol Edited for bhw

    Before submitting and listing check
    *price $1
    *paypal payment is to you
    *number of days of listing

    AND CHECK THE FINAL LISTING PRICE it should be about $USD 0.70- $2.70

    depending on the features you add (for now stay basic)

    Second Step: Getting your customers information
    *Responding to customer concerns is key promptly makes it even
    better because they can build trust with you insuring future
    sales or referrals
    Copy and Past this into your message via ebay to your
    i set it up as a digital item so as soon as it sells they see this and automatically send it to you


    "That was one heck of an auction! Congratulations! Before we
    can transfer over the website business to you I have to update

    the website with your information and the sooner i get it the

    sooner i can get you your website so i need the following

    First name:
    Last name:
    Checks should be made out to:

    thanks for your quick compliance we are looking forward to hearing from

    you shortly god bless and have a great day~ your name ps. if you have

    any further questions don't be afraid to send us an email or message"

    See how smoothly that message flowed it presented the customer with

    satifaction will taking away any worries he/she may have had and

    reassured them with the idea that they would be able to reach you with

    any concerns * of course this may not suit you but you can change it to

    what you want.

    Once you have all their information you move into the next step.

    Step 3: Building their website

    Taking away the information in Step 2 you now just put the information

    into the website that you can make up in less than ten minutes remember

    you are in no way trying to lead the customer we guarantee satisfaction

    and thats why we provide a link so that the customer is actually going

    to be able to see what they are buying before they buy it.

    In detail,

    Location of free websites to market and how to market them making

    $10,000 dollars a month or more

    Step 1. Click on affiliate (top 4th link in)
    Step 2. Scroll down and you see AFFILIATE PROGRAM OPTIONS> Following

    that down you notice PERCENTAGE PROGRAM & PER-ORDER PAYOUT okay

    PERCENTAGE PROGRAM means that you can receive 20% on initial

    and recuring membership orders. PER-ORDER PROGRAM symbolizes

    that there is a flat rate the minimum they will pay there

    affilate member is $50 per person who signs up actually putting

    in cold hard cash to spend watching the models into there account. so you can see it would add up rather

    quickly the more people that you get also the more members you
    get for the PAY-PER ORDER PROGRAM the more money you make per
    customer. This isn't the inforamtion for you its for your

    Step 3. I Usually choose the PAY PER ORDER as its more appealing in a

    listing if you say with this business or im selling this

    business that makes a minimum of $50 per person who you

    can get to join... who wouldn't that sound interesting enough

    to buy. Its a selling saying that when you say something to do

    with money everyone is willing to give it a try. Your customers

    go crazy and when the bidding starts and there are a few

    bidders who are curious enough to get into a bid fight your

    sale prices sky rockets for the website business.

    Here is your script, I will layout in step by step order where you get
    of your free websites, that you list and sell to your customers as a

    The site you want to go to after you make a sale is CAMS.COM

    Again this is after you have acquired all of your customers

    Step 1. There is a bar across the top in blue that reads ?who?s on
    now? to
    the right of that ?JOIN NOW? to the right of that ?member
    login? to the
    right of that ?affiliates? click on ?affiliates?

    Step 2. You should see a big flash advertisement across the top most
    but if you look down below that you will see in big letters AFFILIATE
    PROGRAM OPTIONS scroll down there are three options you can choose from
    Percentage Program , Per Order Program, or the Broker Program. I have
    only the Percentage or Per Order Program in the past, but the Per Order

    Program seems to sell more because you can put in your listing $50 per
    , which screams more loudly and grabs more attention then .. Get paid
    for everything your customers purchase. Moving on

    Step 3. Look under the Per Order Payout program there are two tabs one
    ?Read More. . .? and the other says ?Affiliate Sign Up? click
    the Affiliate
    Sign Up one.

    Step 4. You should now be redirected and the top heading should say
    ? Affiliate Signup
    ? If that?s what it says your in the right area. This is now where
    you enter
    your customers information. You can not save this information and come
    later particularly the ?Checks Payable To:
    ? part once a name has been entered it can not be changed. If you
    problems with this let me know. But enter all your customers details
    information and then check the two boxes at the bottom and click
    FOR THE LAST STEP? the important part to remember is the first scroll
    box is
    default at the ?20% Comission ? change it to ?Paid Per Signup
    Program? for
    the URL just say or just make something up. Its
    information that is changed later on. REMEMBER TO SAVE THE PASSWORD AND

    USERNAME YOU MAKE UP ( I also believe everything is Case Sensitive so
    remember that when you are making up your customers password its easier
    use their name and birthday if you can get that out of them that?s
    what I
    usually do )

    Step 5. Once you have made it past this , the first few trys you might
    get a
    couple red error messages saying something you provided was incorrect,
    okay. Once you get in you should see across the screen ?Affiliate
    Created? also you should see in bolded blue font something like this

    <A HREF=>

    Don?t worry about any of this. Again looking below you will see the
    Percentage Program:
    Per Order Payout, Broker Programs and in additon you should now see
    Your Site? there will be a scroll box that will say ?Start a New
    and next to that an Edit box click ?edit?

    Step 6. You have now entered the final stage of your website
    development and
    publication is a simple click of the mouse after everything has fit

    If you are in the right area the heading should read in bolded grey
    Your Cobranded Site? There should be nine bulleted points now and it
    look like this;

    Setup your URL
    Choose your site name
    Upload Site logo
    Setup and offsite warning page
    Choose site color scheme
    Choose model thumbnail layout
    Choose site features
    Choose model options

    And lastely a bullet for Hosted Galleries. Below that you will see the
    Preview Site tab and the Publish tab.

    All the bullets and the two tabs will be explained in as thorough as
    possible detail.

    Step 7. Click on Setup you URL it may or may not have a green check, no

    worries, the green check is simply a way for you to remember what you
    been to, but click on the bullet.
    If your in the right area you should see in bolded grey ?Choose Your
    URL to
    ? and below that you should see three options.

    Option 1: you should see
    1. Use default URL:

    This is insufficient and hard to deal with when you have to deal with a

    bunch of numbers all the time so this I not the option for us.

    Option 2.: you should see

    2. Setup unique subdomain:
    Below this you should see a box and then the ending stream
    Enter any
    name you want your url to be. Then click check availability if its
    then take it by clicking on the circle that says select this option in
    Setup unique sub domain field scroll to the bottom and click done. Your
    will now be ? This is the only option I
    used I don?t
    suggest using the other two.

    You will see a third option 3. Host your own DNS: but it is not free
    and you
    can get your own unique urls but its fairly troublesome.

    After you click done you will be rerouted back the ?Setup Your
    Site? main page and should have a green check next to the ?Setup
    your URL?
    and your done with the URL you can always change it whenever you want.

    Step 8: Now that you have finished the URL we can move on to the site
    so now click on the ?Choose your site name? link. You should see in
    grey ?Site Display Name?. I like to make it my customers first name
    and I
    add an ?s so it fits. Examples mike?s site , mike?s palace, ect.
    You get the
    idea. You can also change this whenever you want. Clicking done after
    have decided you should be rerouted back to the main ?Setup Your
    Site? screen

    Step 9: Our next step is uploading your site logo. Now I suggest you
    make up
    some of your own site logos but I can provide you with several if you
    need a
    few to get started just let me know through email.

    Once you have clicked the link you should see in bolded grey ?Upload
    Logo? before you begin to browse your files for your logo there is a
    that reads ?If you instead want a Wide Logo of up to 770x150, click
    tab that box because it lets you have as large a logo as possible. The
    browse button is pretty self explanatory it just lets you browse your
    to find your logo.

    After you have found the correct logo then click done. Remember at
    you can click at the main ?Setup Your Cobranded Site? screen. You
    should be
    redirect to the main screen area and again see a green check next to
    Site Logo?. Now your done uploading your logo.

    Step 10: The next link should read ?Setup an offsite warning page?
    Skip this
    link completely its not necessary.

    Step 11: This is extremely important for the flow and feel of your
    Below the Setup and offsite warning page is a link that reads ?Choose
    Color Scheme?, click the link and in bolded grey you should see,
    your sites colors and design? You can now choose from the preset
    colors or
    you can make your own, however which way you decide the colors there is
    example screen that shows you how everything will look. You can even
    add an
    image now if you want. After you are done you should now be sent back
    to the
    main area. And are now done with your sites color scheme.

    To be sure you can even click the preview tab at the bottom of the main

    screen. It will open up a new window and display your changes.

    Step 12: Below the color scheme link you should see a link that reads
    ?Choose model thumbnail layout? click it and the top of the page
    should read
    ?Customize your site Layout? click the first box 6images across.
    And click

    Step 13: Back in the main area you should see the next link underneath
    layout that says ? Choose Site Features? click the link and once
    again in
    bolded grey you should see ?Choose Site Features?. Leave all the
    default you
    just need to change one of the bullets. Look down the list you should
    ?Show a random stream as preview on ANON cover? default has it set
    on no
    change it to yes and click done. Were almost done with our website

    Step 14: back in the main area ?Setup Your Cobranded Site? you?ll
    see two
    remaining links , but do not touch them the options are at optimimum
    efficiency in the default. The last thing for you to do is click
    next to the preview tab you may or maynot have used early.

    It may take a second but you should see a red bullet at the top saying
    have successfully published your changes live! ? at which point you
    completely built your website.

    What I suggest now is checking to make sure the URL is functional so
    open a
    new internet window and type in the url you have made example , mikes and click go your site may not pop up because
    there is
    usually some delay in the publication of a website.

    Your are now finished.

    Still on the main Setup Screen look up to the right corner of the
    You should see across the dark blue banner ?Home?, ?View Summary
    ?Promotional Tools?, ?Other sites to promote? ?Contact? and
    Information? Click Account Information. You can now either Print,
    PrintScreen MS Paint Save this document or simply copy and paste into a
    program for your customer so you can mail the information regarding
    new website busienss to them.

    After you have given your customer their website you can inform them to

    check their states by simply login in and click on stats next to setup
    promotional tools tab.

    Example, You can use my as a sales pitch to your customers if you want
    it is:

    ?Thank you for your patience, Our tech team has updated and triple
    check all
    the information you have provided us with. If you would like to view a
    page of your earnings please login to your account and click the
    link directly to the right of ?setup and promotional tools? tab.

    We appreciate doing business and are here for any concerns or questions
    may come up with. Thank you once again and have a fabulous day.? You
    send this via ebay or email.

    Another Thing that I will offer you use my letter that I send once I
    their site and after setting up and saving all their information. You
    send them a copy via email of their account information that you have

    Below is an example of a letter I reuse to send to customers that have
    purchased a website from me,

    IS AN EXAMPLE USE THIS ONE::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

    Here is the info that we updated the site with to verify everything is
    updated sorry for any delay you may have faced

    >first name: Rick
    >last name: Eye
    >address: 10818 Blix Ave. #10
    >country: USA
    >city: Toluca Lake
    >state/province: CA
    >zipcode: 91602
    >email: [email protected]
    >phone: 818-571-7581 Cell
    >PayPal Account: [email protected]

    Username: Dirtyadmin
    Password: fruit08


    Username: dirtyadmin
    Password: fruit08


    If you have any questions let me know thanks. And once again sorry for

    Thank you for your good service

    Go to this link
    Copy and Paste Save it in My favorites for easy access!! Thats what i

    to login to your website they will ask for user/GPID and password put
    in the
    following below

    Username dirtyadmin
    Password fruit08 ( continued in next messages )

    Once in scroll down and click setup & promotional the second link tool
    button or the link rather then click setup cobrand (this is already set
    and working by me) but you can now change any aspect of your site,
    have to do a little snooping around because it takes awhile to get use
    oh and you now own the DOMAIN Below its Yours to change using any of
    features that are on the setup & promotional tools button link. ,if you see a white box to your left thats
    random girl cam screen its working from what i can tell and may take
    time to
    load, so tell and show all your friends your new website,If you have
    problems let me know i can probably fix it for example if the white box

    never loads completely i can run you through the steps to get rid of it
    you don't want it i enabled you to turn it on or off with an installed
    control panel. I triple checked and everything is good and running all
    need now is some traffic and you'll be makin money in no time start out
    with the traffic then as you make more sales increase traffic find a
    provider first though maybe, my secrets ebay itself
    traffic just type in traffic or web hits into the search box the
    cheaper here on ebay then on other sites. thanks again any questions im
    ~shawn brock

    Ps to check your stats after you've been running for awhile go to the
    login then look to the right of Setup & Promotional Tools Link and
    theres a
    stats link click that and it will give you all your stats its
    zeroed out every 2 weeks.checks are mailed every two weeks provided
    that you
    have made over $50 which is what i set it at. Thanks~ Nick Pekarek
    (sales_wizards supervisor)

    Good Traffic Source found on ebay great way to start is to look on ebay
    is one link i found but there are hundreds look and compare prices on
    but read up don't be tricked some people just go to your website and
    click a
    bunch of times find a legitamate source of traffic and you'll make more

    money than i have ever made i use ebay personally everyday i search for
    traffic for my websites.

    Remember you send your traffic to when you
    traffic and it acts for the url.


    The above is an example that I have used over 100 times all you have to
    is change the URL and username and password and you can reuse this as a

    generic letter to send to your customers. Of course your welcome to use
    own or add and or delete what you want to your liking but it has worked
    so far so I suggest you keep using it. You have to read through this
    carefully and update everywhere it has a url with your own and
    username. The
    reason I repeat it so many times is that customers are less confused
    you have a repetitive tone, and seem to understand it better.

    After having done all this you should now be collecting your money and
    thanking your customers.

    Hope you guys like this I know this works to as i do it now well been bout 7 months since i had it on but still works if you would like proof send me a pm and ill show you my income From medly thanks for reading and hit the ty button if you liked it
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    I promise myself to read some time in future, but man, keep it short :)
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    Allrighty I was trying to be detailed it took me like 3 hours to write it for sell was trying to make noob proof think it helped?lol
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    I got kicked of from card after well ... tbh i didint get this :) seems promising but

    1. you put your website for sale in ebay

    so what are you going to do with information buyer gives ? make them sign up to ?
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    Appriciate Him Dont Taunt
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    KGB Agent
    I took the time to read it, and it is actually a decent guide for newbies, just out of curiousity, how much were you going to sell this for? :)
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    Someday, I WILL read it lol
    Thanks ;)

    P.S. : It's one of a kind alright :
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    That i havent decided yet i was going to see what the mods thought but never got that far
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    Yes i put my ad on ebay once it sells i take there information and sign them up and customizing a cobrand site from them with all the info they gave me
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    thanx alot. even a nob like me can understand this.
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    very very very long but a good read. now i gotta go to sleep.. my eyes hurt after reading it.
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    what a long detail post...thanks anyway..
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    Sorry guys for making it long
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    hi brock

    I read it and thought it was good info. Now instead of reading long or short posts, I suggest the guys on here take the info and take action instead of comments about the length of the post

    Just my 2 cents

    Keep sharing brock

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    Yes it's long, but very detailed. People seem to be getting lazier.

    Thanks brock1
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    Alot of views but Few responses
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    I have not read bcoz it was huge man :pcguru:

    But seriously you deserve a solid thanks from my side :1244:
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    Epically long. I skipped alot of parts where i stopped understanding. Your best bet is to bold things and make things larger for titles etc to kind of break it up i guess. But in the end its not a bad idea.
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    I read it. Great post. For those who didn't read, good for you. More room for me. Tee Hee
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    Yes sadly I am well aware this works I frequesnt auctions and for websites at Ebay and have seen the .streamray websites being sold to some success . It had me to thinking to do almost the exact same thing . But honestly I just never got around to it .

    Very very very nice share .