Must See - Hackers Exploit Online Ad Networks and Take Out Websites.

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    This video is jaw droppingly amazing and scary at the same time. The presenters are ethical white hat hackers that show how vulnerable most of our websites are to DDoS attacks using just a few lines of javascript. With just a few dollars a day, these ethical hackers explain how to exploit ad networks to create a million browser botnet. While most people think creating a botnet would require some major coding abilities or at least the ability to get others to run a script, this video shows just how simple it is to do without needing anyone to install a thing!

    The scariest part is that currently this method cannot be patched and due to the real use of actual user's browsers their is no easy way to target and stop the attack.

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    Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on which side you sit) the user will always be the weakest link. This includes the browser and user awareness.