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[MUST READ] To anyone with an ongoing Journey Thread! (Setting goals and more!)

Discussion in 'BlackHat Lounge' started by royserpa, Feb 24, 2014.

  1. royserpa

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    Sep 28, 2011
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    [BEFORE READING PLEASE BE AWARAE OF THE FOLLOWING: Consider this post as my opinion and a way to encourage YOU to improve. If you think this thread is useless, please keep it to yourself as I am doing this as a way to help the ones that are struggling as me. :)]

    Hello guys!

    It's 1:20am and I felt quite inspired to create this thread after reading this article (Link at the bottom of the post).

    This thread is about setting goals, achieving them and how it has been done before!


    That's correct! I am not going to talk about how to set astronomical goals or very insignificant goals, but goals that you know can achieve AFTER KNOWING your abilities!

    This goes not only for IM, but in any area of life! :)

    You see, I felt quite inspired to write this thread because I see the same mistakes I will list below in myself, others and successful people HERE IN BHW!

    After reading that article (link at the bottom of the post), I just understood why most of us in the Journey section either: abandon the thread or keep struggling real hard (myself for example).

    Really, as I was reading the article, I was just comparing it to the journey section and myself and just saw how and WHY there were people giving up, people succeeding and people struggling.

    And the answer was too simple!

    What I found in common with the people struggling, the successful ones and the ones that given up will make so, SOOO MUCH SENSE once you read below. :)

    You see, all of us have certain things in common, no matter who you are, there are similarities in between all of us. This similarities is what makes us HUMANS and not cats, dogs, or birds but humans. And coincidently enough, these similarities are the same in our skills.

    So, basically what I have found in common after reading that magnificent article is the following:

    The ones that gave up:

    What I've seen, without any offense, is that these guys were setting very high goals and as their achievements were very low they just lost hope and thought IM is not for them.

    Though this is quite a similar scenario as the ones that struggle (such as myself atm), these guys decided not to keep going.

    Their expectations were really high and the road seemed quite overwhelming so it was quite discouraging and gave up. The logic here is quite simple.

    The solution?

    Set yourself small goals that are within your reach WITHOUT EXPECTING anything at the beginning.

    (On a personal note, I would like to say that this one of the mistakes I have had for so long now. My goal is $100/day, but as I'm not even at $1/day I can't really think of going to $100/day as there is no specific plan in mind. Though I haven't given up, I am planning to literally let go of my expectations and simply keep working on my sites. This will be quite powerful as when I "finish" working on them, I WILL know what it WILL take me to get to those $100/day!)

    I think the lesson here is to first learn to make $1 and from there scale. Even when you reach $100/day, you MUST be doing $1/day a hundred times a day to reach the goal!

    In very short, test your abilities, get to know what you can achieve and from there trace your map. Remember, there is no one size fit all method for everyone, not on IM, not in whatever venture you would like to persuit.

    The ones that are struggling:

    Keeping this philosophy of achieving goals according to your skills and keep challenging your skills to further improve, we now arrive at the guys that are struggling such as myself.

    (I would like to say personally, that after reading that part of the article, I literally felt the wave of feels towards my situation and understood what it will take for me to succeed. :) )

    I really think that we are the people that even after we don't have a clear map, or at an idea of the map towards our goal, we just keep pushing without knowing what it would take us to reach our goals.

    I think we are the people that are (until now), pushing towards nothing, towards nowhere, without any vision or an idea where
    to go.

    The solution?

    Talking abuout the guys that gave up, I think we should step back one step and test our skills, see where they lead us. This will lead us to understand what our skills can do and what we would need to do achieve our goals.

    To be honest, and as a personal note, after knowing this I just thought for a moment about my IM skills and I found out I really don't have any idea of what they are and what my skills can do for me at the moment. After knowing this, I just knew I had to test my skills by keep going with my sites right now without expecting a thing from them to see where my skills are at and then I WILL know what it will take me to reach that $100/day goal of mine.

    So in short, I suggest to get back one step, test your skills and from there scale up. For example, let's say that if I manage to rank this last site I have been working on and brings $5/day (in the worst of cases), it would take me 19 more sites with my same set of skills to reach that $100/day goal. Now, it's just a matter of building those 19 other sites and VERY Probable I will be able to reach that $100/day goal.

    The same is with you, test your skills, know where they can get you right now and from there draw a map to your goal.

    I think I can tell some people in the journey section that can REALLY improve their situation, but I won't name anyone as I don't know the people I would name xD

    The ones that succeeded:

    Now, we are going with the successful guys! The sharks of the Journey Section! The guys that managed to achieve their goals!

    Now, before I read this magnificent article, I really thought that these guys were some kind of big nerds.

    But after reading the article and comparing to their threads and what they say in them, it just made SO MUCH SENSE and I knew WHY they succeeded!

    You know why they succeeded?


    It is that simple!

    They knew what their abilities/skills were capable of, and it was a simple matter of replicating what they did until they reached their goal!

    I will talk about kinlee and darkstar as I have talked to this guys a lot and I think I know them and know why they succeeded.

    First, I will talk about Darkstar.

    This guy had a journey thread here as Legendary Hacker. At first, he was just "going" with the flow without any kind of direction at all. I know this because personally told me one time. xD

    You can watch his thread and you will notice that when he found that "something that worked for him", he said it would just be a matter of time before he reached his goal.

    He understood what he can do and it was just a matter of replicating until he reached his goal!

    Did he succeed? YES!

    Now, let's talk about kinlee.

    When you open her thread, in the OP you read that in late 2012 (or something similar, can't remember xD), she managed to hit about $600 a day if I remember correctly.

    I'm not a genius, but if she could get to $600 a day with what she knew/knows, it would be a matter of time before reaching her goal, right?

    I'm no guru, but you can see, she KNEW what she was doing, SHE knew her abilities and how far they could go.

    I can only see that both knew what they were doing and both knew how to get there ONCE knowing what they can do.

    We always read here in BHW about people telling others to scale up and bank, but if the guy doesn't even know what his skills can do, scalling up will be as hard as reaching its goal without knowing what he can do. (Such as myself atm).

    The lesson is quite simple!

    I don't come as an IM guru with all the greens in my pocket, but I come as guy that's willing to learn whatever is needed to reach his goals as I really think they are worth, at least, a shot.

    EVERY GUY that succeeded knew what they were doing and it was justa matter of replicating until achieving their goals.

    If you don't know your skills, there's no chance you can get there as you don't exactly have a plan.

    I really think that it is important to know what we are made of, understand what we can achieve right now with our current skills and from there grow.

    This can be applied to anything in life, that's the magic of this!

    I think after reading this magnificent article (which link is just below), there's really one easy blueprint that will fit to everyone, and that is:

    1) Test your skills and understand what you can do from there.
    2) Draw a map with steps taking in consideration your skills.
    3) Follow that map until you succed. If you fail, try to get to know what you have been failing on, fix it and repeat #3.

    As we are all different and in VERY different situations, there's no way we can "follow this and this" to get "there".

    I know this article and message just changed the way I do things and I am certain I will reach my goals once I know what my current skills can do for me atm.

    The same is with you and EVERYONE else who wants to succeed!

    Ohh, and the article link is: http://briankim.net/blog/2009/06/how-to-solve-the-dilemma-of-setting-expectations/

    Read the article and I am sure it will change, or at least inspire you into new ways of thinking.

    To everyone's success,
    Roy :cool:

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  2. Vic Sage

    Vic Sage Jr. VIP Jr. VIP

    Sep 5, 2010
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    Gotta agree with this point specially. Though, I prefer, "They knew they are gonna get it" :)

    To all the noobs who just joined the IM arena -

  3. rnellenr

    rnellenr Registered Member

    Jun 4, 2011
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    Thanks for sharing
  4. TheMoneyWizard

    TheMoneyWizard Elite Member

    May 31, 2012
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    Now let's talk about 'royserpa', it was clearly obvious from late 2013 onwards that he has way too much time on his hands and likes to post nonsense constantly. He spends way too much time on here posting crap to earn anything from IM. It was also obvious that he has no idea what he's doing and likes to come across as a guru when in fact his wisdom doesn't stretch very far.
  5. royserpa

    royserpa Jr. VIP Jr. VIP Premium Member

    Sep 28, 2011
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    Negative Options aka Rebills!
    Exploiting Loopholes!
    Home Page:
    Thanks for your comment dude.
    Im just trying to help dude, thats all.
    Im in no way posing as a guru or some bs like that at all.
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  6. phracktl

    phracktl Regular Member

    Sep 2, 2012
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    I like to get all meta, so nice post

    "I really think that we [the strugglers] are the people that even after we don't have a clear map, or at an idea of the map towards our goal, we just keep pushing without knowing what it would take us to reach our goals."

    Case in point under your moniker you have "To the moon and beyond". Instead of this 'vision'

    1. Set specific achievable (short term) target(s) based on resources {time, skills, money, people, place}
    2. Break down to task level, allocating resources appropriately
    3. Do
    4. Measure and adapt
    5. Go to 1

    Have a gander at Billys blog on Forever Jobless
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