*MUST READ How to Overcome Inaction, Self-Doubt and Get Rich*

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    For all of you struggling to make it online or take things to the next level I urge you to stop whatever you're doing for a moment and read this in it's entirety. This arrived in my inbox:

    There is a plainly obvious fact about "Inaction"...

    That unfortunately for most people who find themselves paralyzed, unable to take decisive action, they do not realize.

    Do want to know what this fact is my friend? It's simple...


    The #1 Cause of inaction is self-doubt.

    For if one does not DOUBT themselves then they will take furious action towards creating their goals in life.

    It's only when they feel inadequate, or fear failure, that their self-doubt cripples them from taking action.

    As strange as this is...

    People are so afraid of their self-doubt proving to be TRUE... that they never even ATTEMPT to complete the task
    they want to accomplish because of it.

    Ironically, they have ALREADY failed before they even started.

    And when one traces the root cause of "Failure Before Starting" back to it's source...

    ... We always find the same nemesis.


    However, I am going to give you the cure to self-doubt once and for all today.

    Are you ready for this cure?

    There is only one way, and one way only to rid yourself of self-doubt.

    You have no other option but to do this. You ready?

    You must believe in yourself.

    You do not have a choice.


    Period & end of story.

    If you do not believe in yourself, then you will have failed before you even started.

    It is ONLY through the true belief you have in yourself that you will EVER move into a state of action required to create success in your business.

    You don't get "proof" first.

    You have to BELIEVE first, then you'll
    get the proof.

    The problem with unsuccessful people is that they have this backwards.

    They choose to indulge in self doubt, and then demand the only time they will believe in themselves is after they have some "proof" that they are worthy.

    Unfortunately, this proof never comes.

    And the "average man or woman" who thinks this way, fails to realize it was THEM who rigged the game from the start.

    They never even gave themselves a chance, because without first believing their actions are crippled from the start.

    A sad sad tale indeed... for this affliction is rampant all over our industry. Causing people to remain stuck in their negativity
    rather than entering into their GREATNESS.

    You have a CHOICE to make today.

    You can either choose to be like the average man or woman... who needs "proof" before they can believe in themselves.

    Or YOU can be the warrior.

    You can CHOOSE to believe in yourself, your own capabilities, and your own limitless potential right NOW, exactly as you are.

    In actuality, there really is no choice.

    For if you don't do this, you are destined to live a life of completely normalcy.

    You will forever be plagued by the self doubt which cripples so many from making anything truly great out of their lives.

    And you most certainly won't amount to much in this industry, for only people who BELIEVE in themselves from the start ever actually make it big. This is your choice to make today.

    If you choose to continue nurturing your "self-doubt", and decide you really don't want to change your life... then you no
    longer need to read this email.

    However, if you decide RIGHT NOW, once and for all, that you will be the one who BELIEVES in themselves...

    ... Who recognizes your heritage as a Magical being of this universe, with Infinite possibilities at your fingertips...

    P.S. I believed in myself LONG before I had millions sitting in the bank.

    You don't have a choice. You MUST do the same as well.

    If you think you get to "choose" to believe in yourself after you start creating huge success... you are delusional.

    You either should make the choice that you're GOING to do it right now, and that you BELIEVE in yourself beyond a shadow of a doubt...

    ... Or you should go home. This is no path for you.
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    Great advice, I get the message!
    I have this problem.

    Now can someone please explain the next step - how do I develop that essential belief in myself ?