*MUST READ*Begining of the end for SEO?

Non-issue in my opinion, and I pretty openly dislike Google.

It is just for people signed in with an SSL session. So to be effected the searchers have to long in and be opted in for SSL. You can use the Analytics API to look these up. It just means all those SEO tracking programs need to have an option to import data from analytics as well as their other data sources. Pain in the ass for a few people, but otherwise a non-issue for the most part. Don't get me wrong. Google is an evil company doing some very evil things... but this doesn't make their top 50 evil deeds in my opinion.
I can predict the end of me having vision if I have ever to read another thread like this. I was 2 seconds away from stabbing out my own retinas.
SEO is never gonna end. The end of keyword research via Google won't end it, although, it will make it harder
I have heard it many times but till yet it doesn't happened that SEO will end, well it will gonna end then spammers will change their way to social networking which is same easy as SEO.

SEO will never gonna be end because if google makes changes which closes the SEO type ranking procedure then that day will be the end for Google itself.
MAybe I'm missing something but this isn't even that big of a deal is it? let alone "the end of seo". Heres a good comment from seomoz articulating my thoughts better:

"A pox on me for a clumsy lout, but I'm wondering whether this loss of data might actually be a good thing.

As personalized search has become even more.. you know, personal, it stands to reason that the data those users bring along is unreliable for SEO or even CRO. Each logged in user arrives from a SERP customized to match his or her history and social activity.

Webmasters or Marketers can't confidently make site-wide decisions based on this once-a-vistor data, can they? By tagging the personalized visits, Google is allowing analysts to see what visitors arrived via its main algorithm - the one we should be optimizing for and the one most organic visitors will arrive via. Therefore, we have a more reliable data set for making site wide decisions."
If Google goes for the "pay to play" model, it will decrease their market-share and someone else will come along to fill the gap. No company lasts forever.
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