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Oct 13, 2018
Hi there!

I own some travel accounts on Instagram and, lately, it seems that videos are going really viral again.
I've seen many travel accounts posting videos (I'd say videos are taken from TikTok) with copyrighted music that go viral and they don't give credits to the owners of the music.

How is it possible that they don't get the videos deleted for copyroght infringement? If I use those videos on my accounts, may the videos get deleted my account disabled?

What do you think?
(Used music is, for example, from DJ Snake, Justin Bieber, Zara Larsson, Alan Walker, etc.)
Yes the video can get deleted and repeated offence can have your account banned

In that case, how is possible for those other accounts to post tons of videos and any of them get deleted? There's one account with over 300k followers that have posted more than 500 of those videos with copyrighted music and I can't get if they're using any trick or so to bypass the copyright detection.
Well everything is given in that article. Maybe they simple dont care as you dont make money directly with the videos like on youtube. So there is no real use to strike you, fair-use-policy kinda.
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