Music niche advise for a musician fried of mine

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    Hi there, i was wondering if you guys could give me some advise from your experience or your insights on what my opinions are towards this, the thing is that i have a very good friend who is been in the music area for about 10 years now.

    I believe he can monetize that online so i told him to make a tumblr account, an instagram and a facebook account, i told him to pick his best songs and make new ones too, covers and the like, and crop them into 20 or 30 seconds videos and post them every 6 hours or so to every single one of his social profiles until he grows a decent fanbase, from this point though, i am not sure how he can make good money out of it as i believe that he has to continue to give his content out for free, what are some good ideas? Maybe having a donation button? Or offering a whole album plus two or three songs that he wont put on his profiles so only people who buy the album will get to listen to them.. is it a good idea?

    Do you have some advise?

    Edit. Messed up spelling on the title, now noone will take me seriously damm!
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