Multiple URL & Ping?


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Dec 4, 2008
I've got a list of social bookmarks I'd like to ping....

Anyone know of a tool where you can load a list of url and ping?

Or a better idea? Tks
Make an RSS Flux like me all day long with tons of blogs i have i play rss ping
(waiting pomg and visits slow slow) :D

good luck

I think that K.Soft.Blog.Blaster can do this search for it there is a cracked version on a few warez sites
Thanks for the responses but don't think these help.

I have a long list of social bookmark URLs that I need to ping. How can I do this?
I appreciate the responses / offer to help but people keep saying pingomatic/ping goat etc and you can't load up a list of urls in there....

I wasn't able to find blog pinger....
Pingslinger 2

It's the best for what you're trying to do so far.

I've had blog pinger, rocket pinger, and many others.

This one is the best.
I use 'Blog Blaster' , it holds unlimited ping sites, and urls.
There's two products called blog blaster, one is a piece of shit and pretends to post your link on a bunch of blogs for backlinks.

The blog blaster I'm talking about is meant to pink blogs, but I put any website in, doesn't have to be a blog. I ping my sitemaps and everything!

By the way, its on the forum :)

Go here

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