Multiple Sites Deindex By Google In March Update


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Nov 21, 2019
In the recent Google Update, Google de index 100s of sites. Is your site hit by Google ?

What's Your View on this ?
Is there a pattern to sites being deindexed or is it too early to call?
Is there a public list of deindexed sites? Were they deindexed manually?
check this out. you will get some site urls here. Most of the site in this list penalized already.
4 sites out of 30 got deindexed,,. Mostly it should be a manual operation. I dont see any big impact other than improving some of my stuffling keywords while impacting few targets... I guess people over thinking the process.

Google is not a single operation therefore they cant do 100 percent ruleout. Thats why wvery single stratergy still work even some say its not working.

I am pretty sure this is gonna be very common shill shout out from big g and its not going to be chaotic for long
Google been saying this for years and they will make sure to keep continuing without knowing how to do that. If they really know how to do that they would have done that before they introduce google animals like panda update
I doubt. My AI site got hit this month while I see no impact on my site having manual articles. Again, 2 sites are not enough to conclude but I could see it happening. How they do it is altogether a different discussion but if they are declaring it, they must have found a way to analyze the content for AI traces.
One of my porn site lost all of it's high ranking keywords. It was getting around 20k traffic and now it's around 7-8k per day. Site is not deindexed only lost it's ranking.
It's a clear indication to create content for users not for search engines this is the reason Google started deindexing sites.
I'm running a couple of autoblogs, and my wife manages a lifestyle blog paired with a YouTube vlog. Both took a hit recently, but our AI is still kicking.

Seems like the hits are random, just like always.

I'm part of the jolideSEO private case studies, and my experiences align with what I've observed there. No need to overcomplicate things.

Keep on doing your thing, but always aim to improve.

I used to feed my GSA SER with a mix of 50% OpenAI content and spun articles. Decided to drop the spinning. Now, I'm all in on high-quality AI content.
. :cool:
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