Multiple Niche sites or Authority site for Long term Amazon Affiliate

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    what do you think about following:

    Would it be better to create and run multiple niche sites or build one authority site that targets all keywords in all niches that comes in my mind for Amazon Affiliate?

    Niche site:
    +EMD is possible
    +churn and burn is possible
    +Flipping is possible
    -sticking to one niche per site
    -new niche = new site = starting at 0

    Authority site:
    +"Crosssales" / Visitor is looking for pen but buys an pencil
    +DA helps you to rank low comp/low search keywords
    +organically backlinks if you're a great source for reviews
    -no churn and burn
    -no flipping

    I really don't know which one is the way to go.
    Probably the authority site since I want to start targeting low comp keywords and only spam content without backlinks.
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    In my opinion, go with Authority Niche site. If you want to focus on content you need a lot of content to start seeing results without backlinks. Focus to a niche but not too thin. For example don't do a website about razors, do a website about shaving/hair removal. Do not only post reviews, post useful content around the niche also, to earn more authority. I would not go for a website like toptenreviews because as a consumer I will trust more a website focused to the niche I'm looking for, from something that smells affiliate from a hundred miles.
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