Multiple Accounts Favoriting, RT every Tweet from an Account or List

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    Sep 24, 2013
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    First time poster, but been lurking around and searching for a solution to my need and can't seem to come up with something specific. I apologize in advance if this is newb question..

    What I'm looking for is a way to have about 100 or so Twitter accounts automatically retweet and favorite tweets that come from specific twitter account(s). For example, I have 4 twitter accounts that are my primary account. If I have 100 or so fake accounts set up, I would like those accounts to simply retweet and favorite everything I send from my 4 primary accounts. Basically, my goal here is to make my RT and FAV #s look high automatically for each tweet.

    I have used addmefast for favs and RTs in the past, but my problem is I post tweets randomly and hate to have to go in every time to addmefast and put in the info. Not to mention that getting points becomes a pain, and there are so many twitter eggs that I think it looks fake.

    I did just recently discover the RoundTeam website, that will do the RT function I mentioned. It works great, especially because all I have to do is put my accounts in one Twitter list and then set it up to RT everything from that list. The RTs come at different times, so it works very well. The only problem is that it doesn't do favorites as well, so I still have to go into addmefast to get the favorites evened out to look authentic.

    Anyway, sorry for the long winded explanation, I just want to be on same page if anyone has a good solution that I can just simply plug everything in and the RTs and FAVs work on autopilot all day anytime.

    Thank you in advance