Multi Site Setup: Google uses Metainfo from another domain on CMS


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Oct 29, 2009
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hi folks,

i am haveing a hard time geting google to index the correct title and description for a homepage.

let me tell you about the setup:
> typo3 cms with multiple instances on different domains (all different content)
> shows the correct title and description
> shows the title and description from in serps but when you click on the link, it is (so correct link)
> when you put in the homepage gets redirected to (for language settings)

i tried to have google reindex the homepage, made a sitemap, used webmaster tools but so far, the homepage has not been reindexed although google spiders visit the page frequently.

what can i do to tell google to index the site again? shall i remove the homepage using webmaster tools?

please let me know what i can do.



please let me know