MULTI REVIEW landing Pg VS Single Review?

Discussion in 'Affiliate Programs' started by jaybe789, Apr 16, 2010.

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    I am very new to IM and I have a question concerning landing pages. Say you write articles, and submit them to article directories. In each article, you have a link to your website.

    My question concern's your websites landing page. Is it better to PRESELL and REVIEW just 1 product you are promoting OR review several products and promote via a seperate link on your webpage?

    I would think that if you are promoting just 1 product within your niche.......your visitor may not like that product, but ANOTHER product within your niche.

    My Question is Which Method is MOST efficient?
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    It is easy to go weither way on this one. Try it and see what works best for you. Split-test your site...make multiple pages, with multiple offers and articles targetting to the same target niches, 3-5 campaigns at a time.

    See what works best for your traffic/potential clients and niche market.

    Microniche marketing for individual products to one source site will give you authority ranking if you work a larger target market on the source site, that umbrellas over the microniches to your individual products.

    However, multi-product offers work well with backend sales offers and multiple package ads on the same page for different products/services...In this example, think of when you are looking for webhosting, how they offer you a starter package, advanced and executive level package...all have different prices, features and elements that meet your individual user's personal needs.

    Same thing works here.

    Build them all, split-test them and see what the people bite the most.

    Be sure and use a plan of how long you will run the pages, say 30 days, what number of keywords you will push them through and how mant campaigns you will work from...

    Use an analytics program and track your data closely, otherwise, it is all for nothing. You'd be surprised how many people test but don't track.