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    I have built this service (for my self) and I would like to make some money from renting it out, only to people that understand the benefits though and who are technically savvy enough to understand what I mean.

    Its not a service for the feint hearted and has no technical support department ;)

    Basically I am renting the platform which currently is split over 20+ IP/s globally and IP/s can be added at random. These IP's are clean and have not been used for any dark or even grey activities... :) extra IP's are easy to add.

    Its powered by a unix cloud that is pretty unbreakable on a very well known host with super bandwidth. Although the setup itself is no speed machine and large spikes o traffic would be a problem (1m+ a day), but for link building its a gem.

    Domain binding can be done through name services which I can explain if you are serious.

    PM me with your interest i'm not charging for the disk space, but bandwidth (at cost) and whatever you would be willing to pay per IP.

    The price per IP will tell me whether its worth doing.


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