Mturk alternative? (with an API)

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    So, we all know Mturk sucks.

    1. Their email support is brutally slow.
    2. Their terms of service don't actually cover everything, and they make stuff up on the spot.
    3. Employers must be in the USA, so this is a pain to work around for those outside of the USA.
    4. Their documentation for their command line tools is lacking and there's almost no community support.
    5. The support forum has registration disabled to most people, and tells you to "try again later."
    6. They don't allow a number of white hat activities, and pretty much anything anyone here is going to try to automate.
    7. I could go on, but the point is, they're a 2005 company that hasn't changed since then and they piss me off enough to make this thread.

    The only good thing is they have an API, even though it's not the best.

    What alternatives are there out there?

    Update: My research so far... - USA only, no API - only for analyzing data, not really micro jobs - does not have an API - no API - no API - no API - not for micro jobs, but skilled jobs - IT MIGHT JUST WORK
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