Mt totally kick ass Scrapebox method

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    I've been using this method for a few months, and the results I'm getting are top notch.

    Step 1
    Use SB link extractor by giving it a list of URL's which you have previous had success posting to, or you know are auto-approve. Most people who use SB keep an auto-approve list of blogs.... if however you don't have one,you can obtain them from this forum. You will notice in the results that some of the blogs should have very high numbers, which suggest they are fully open (auto-approve). Save the resulting list to a new textfile by click "show list".

    Step 2
    Load up SB backlink checker addon, and import the text file from the previous step.

    This will find 1000 backlinks (the yahoo limit) for each of the sites. The fact they had posted on auto-approve blogs means that they
    probably posted on a lot of other auto approve blogs.
    When the backlink checker finishes (which wil be a while if its a big list), you should click DOWNLOAD ALL. the resulting file should be a
    very very large list of blog URLs, a decent amount of which will be auto-approve.

    step 3 (Optional)
    At this stage you could feed the list into blog checker and get rid of the ones which SB cant post to. You should also remove any duplicate URLs.

    Step 4
    Feed the list into SB auto-commenter on fast-mode, and let rip.

    As an example, I did this last week on a list of around 300 auto-approve blogs. I obtained 1.2million URLs

    After removing duplicate domains and running through the blog checker I was left with 74,161.

    I posted to all 74,161 blogs. After this I did a check-links, and had 38,203 posts....which is a great conversion rate.

    Good luck guys.
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