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MrE's SEO Premium Network

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by jon_xx_x, Jun 29, 2011.

  1. jon_xx_x

    jon_xx_x Jr. VIP Jr. VIP

    Nov 15, 2008
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    I am paying $200 per month for this service, so I want to make sure it is worth it. After a few weeks of signing up for the service I was a little worried because I didn't see any results.

    A little background. I have a 10 year old site that is my main site and over the years fell in ranking. Over the last 6-8 months I have been busting ass to get it back towards the top.

    I have had some good success with linkpushes. For my main keyword, 150k exact searches per month, I was sitting around 50. With some pushes, a few EDU links, I made it up to 19. Was nice, but I want to get into top 5, and it's gonna be a long road, since the closer you get,the more quality sites you are passing. My last couple link pushes didn't move me, so I was stuck at around 19.

    Unfortunately, just as results started, I also did link pushes to my main site, a couple EDU links to my site, and a gov link to my site, so I don't know if those helped at all, but even if they did, it wouldn't have jumped as much as it did.

    I am now at 11 for my main keyword (hopefully it doesn't jump around, it's only been two days).

    Kyeword 2: 15,000 exacts per month. New domain, no other SEO, the keyword was around 150 I believe, as of right now, it hopped out of google.

    Keyword 3. 12,000 exacts per month, went from 11 to 4.
    "Keyword 3 online" which gets 5,000 exacts went form 13 to 7.

    Keyword 4. 40,000 exacts per month, went from 47 to 24.

    Keyword 5. Not ranked, it was a new page for my main domain. Not sure why its not even ranked though.

    I'm on the growth package, so they also (hopefully) add 5 PR4+ links per month. If that's true, than it will be a matter of time before I'm in the top 10.

    It's too bad it was timed right when I did a bunch of link pushes, but the results are good nonetheless.

    Just wanted to give a review, and see if anyone else experienced good results so far?
  2. wealth54

    wealth54 Regular Member

    Jan 7, 2009
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    everyone should get good result by using Mr.E SEO premium network.if you are confused about your result just knock Mr.E . I m sure he will sort out your issue.

    Mr.E know what he do . He always been helpful person :D