Mr"BTTB"Rob Brenwell's AutoBlogSystemX - real Big Loophole found, or old (sales)copy?

Discussion in 'Blogging' started by Cookiehunter, Aug 17, 2010.

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    The sales Site states March2010:

    Additional to BloggingToTheBank, Rob Brenwell sells this, called on an own site, featuring a big "100Mio Loophole" which "is still open", and it should b possible to rake in cash in a week or so (did I mention this sounds familiar - but in the end, there is no other way to describe such a thing different - that's why we're all here on BHW, make money quick)

    What makes absolute no sense is, that The actual sales link is priced with a quite cheap price, $27.00. Right? ( BTTB3 runs on something around $16.00 )

    The sales video mentions his other products (BTTB), so this is actually about a software/system of a friend of him, and he refers to a week in March where he made 260 sales, cashing in over 4000$, or the whole of April around 27K with 1300 items (which makes at least numerical sense) as it is around 300 / week, item commission around $18.

    Then he states a monthly comission of 220K (last month, without telling which one), well,which would be almost 3000 sales a week... ;O) before "hurrying" the listeners with the "sold out soon" damokles-sword.


    Anybody knows something about it, if it is Anything new / or already something old? Hey, March/April is long gone...

    PS: ...I like this new tweak of an old guarantee trick:
    "... I GUARANTEE That If You Run With This Strategy YOU?LL Be Able To Make At The Very Least $1,000 By This Time Next Week? Again, If You Prove Me Wrong I?ll Send You $100!"

    ...You'll BE ABLE TO make... LOL :D (..If any solicitors read this)
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    it is in the dl section already......
    with mixed reviews I might say.
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