MP3|VOTE|Directory....I NEED HELP?

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    Nov 14, 2007
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    I will be looking to raise money for the creation of my "Big Plan" The plan to reate a digital networking website for artist,djs,producers,fans,marketers and average joes. oh! and yes,even black hatters ;) I will defintly need all of you to be apart of the website.

    Trust me, when i say that you can stop pretending like your a woman! it's everyones turn to earn big!

    But,I need your help. SERIOUSLY! I'm not sure what it would cost me to create the website,so i will just go with $10,000 I'm looking to raise $10k or more.

    so what i want to do is create a directory ,A simple directory website were artist can submit there demos. and visitors Can vote how good or bad the music is. there will be a section were the artist contact information will be displayed.

    i guess,That this website will be Similiar to ,But the artist will be listed will be listed by State. it will be online record label,and there will be referal payouts and so much more! Services ect ect....