Moz or Ahrefs?

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    Dear all BHWers,

    I am thinking to get more tools for my SEO efforts.

    Right now, I can only afford about $100 for analysis tools. Which one I shall use?
    I am interested in Moz and in Ahrefs.

    Moz :
    • Gives more than just backlink information, but also gives better Open Site Explorer, On Page Grader, and Competitive Analysis that can be useful to me
    • Some of the features are useless (I got SERPBook for Rank Tracking, and I trust Google Analytics more than Moz Analytics, etc.)
    • A lot of threads I read here said that Moz backlink information is the least accurate.
    • Moz has not many recommendation from this forum.
    • Can show some useful metrics (PA/DA, Trust Flow)

    Ahrefs :
    • Said to have one-of-the-best backlink information
    • Has a lot of recommendations in this forum.
    • Only provide backlink information, nothing else.

    Basically, I need a tool that can generally show my backlinks (so that I can manage them better, and I can be sure that services I bought really works), and also a tool that can generally assist me in grading my website and knowing my competitor's backlink or keyword profile.

    If you guys have any other tools rather than this two, that can suit my need, please do give your advice.

    Thanks a lot.
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    Ahrefs also has "URL Rank" and "Domain Rank" which has always proved pretty accurate to me as an alternative to PA and DA. It's crawler is well-documented as being far superior. Moz's crawler is always about 3 weeks behind. The only thing I use my Moz subscription for is the SERP Overlay Bar for quick comp. research on keywords. I have Majestic, Ahrefs and Moz and Ahrefs has recently become my go to.

    I actually just got back from MozCon afterparty :p They HATE black hats here but fuck em
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    for me moz is the best