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    Apr 8, 2010
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    My current website is a domain and i target the UK audience. My current webhosting is with godaddy and their web server is in the Netherlands.

    to cut a long story short i want to move all my hosting to a UK hosted data centre. Now because i have a domain and a UK based web server in theory this will give better ranks than having my website hosted in the Netherlands.

    I have opened a new UK webhosting account. Uploaded the whole of my website to it and tested to make sure the current website hosted in the Netherlands is 100% the same as the new one.

    I am not in the position to change the NS to point to the new hosting and this should be a swift migration with no downtime.

    My only worry is that i am sitting very nicly in the top 3 for many of my keywords which provide 80% of my business and i do not want to lose these. In theory nothing should change.

    I would like to hear peoples experience with this and how it affected your rankings for better or worse or how it didn?t do anything at all.

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    Once you flip the switch, just leave the old site up and nothing should change. Take it down in a month or whenever your contract is up.