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    I have a bunch of domains hosted as addons under the same account at hostgator. I did this long ago before I knew about not being able to get link juice from links from the same IP. So now if I move these domains to different IP's will the links from one to another count as backlinks? Or are they forever hosed because they were once on the same IP?

    I also have them under the same analytics account and some under the same adsense account. I plan on fixing that problem too. but since they were once linked that way will separating them now be pointless or will that make them valid backlinks to google?
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    You are not forever

    Google bots will check from time to time and will note the new IP, new backlinks, etc. (for example when domains are bought and sold, they will transfer to a new owner, who will have a new IP linked to the domain, new backlinks, etc., so you can still SEO the domain and site).

    It will probably take a bit of time to see an improvement SEO-wise unless you already have high PR domains/sites, but they will eventually count as backlinks after you transfer the domains ... that is, unless you get any of your sites sandboxed by adding to many backlinks at once. If so, it's usually only temporary - I would keep adding backlinks (ehem...scrapebox blasts/buy scrapebox) and you'll start seeing improvements.

    Link to scrapebox tutorial:
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