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    Not really sure if this is the correct section to post in, but it's somewhat relevant.

    So I had an idea of creating a couple different services sites:

    1. An API script which feeds your site with up to date movies / tv shows
    2. An API script which feeds your site with up to date sports streams

    They're both essentially the same, except one will focus towards sports links and one towards movies/shows.

    There wouldn't be any work required from the end user other than specifying tags on what they would want to show on their site:

    i.e. - if you owned the domain watchsopranosonline - then you can tag sopranos as a keyword and only display sopranos links on your site.

    Same would go for sports (categorize by sport).

    All links would be hosted on my server and would automatically update your site. My server would always gather the latest links several times during the day. More often for sports.

    What would the overall interest be in something like this? Would you guys use something like this?
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